Thai massage in Kiev

Thai massage is a combination of several unique manipulative techniques: rhythmic manipulations in Thai, pressure point, twisting movements, stretching, activating energy channels.

Thai massage in the SPA Center DIVA (Kiev)

Massage service price - from 1500 UAH.

Experience the unsurpassed skill of professional Thai massage specialists! Pleasant sounds of a relaxing melody, aromas of exotic plants, rare aromatic oils, enchanting flickering of aroma candles, unique Thai spa techniques, original rituals of beauty and health create an incredible luxury tairay atmosphere that takes you away from everyday life, problems, and city bustle to the Kingdom of Thailand. Professional Thai massage therapists will help the body fully relax, relieve stress, get a boost of vivacity and vitality.

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Types and specifics of Thai massage

Distinguish between traditional Thai massage and aroma massage with oils. Classic Thai massage is done in special pajamas without the use of oils. Oil massage is a type of luxury massage using aromatic oils.

Taking into account the intensity, the degree of influence of manipulative techniques, techniques, three types of tai massage are differentiated: weak, moderate, strong. With a strong Thai massage, walking on the back with feet, actions with the elbow joint, heel is used, and with a weak massage, such manipulations are not done.

  • In a traditional massage, the professional masseur acts on the joints, using different body positions, usually comfortable and stable, but requiring some dexterity, strength and stretching. During the Thai aromatherapy massage the masseur considers the client's breathing rate and helps them to get into a certain steady position. The masseur at the Thai Spa acts on energy channels, muscle tissues and specific points on the body. Thai massage in Kiev is a combination of several unique manipulation techniques: in Thai rhythmic manipulation, pressure point, twisting movements, stretching. An appointment for a classical Thai massage is used for therapy, to relieve tension, stress, back pain, collar and shoulder spasms, spasms, blocks, sports injuries, damaged tendons.

Benefits of Thai massage

  • Signing up for a traditional Thai massage in the spa salon DIVA (Kiev, Ukraine) gives you stunning results:
    improvement of the general condition of the organism;
    Relaxation of muscular tissue, increase of joints mobility, flexibility;
    elimination of muscle pain;
    normalization of blood circulation, lymph flow
    release of spasms and clearing of energy channels;
    quality relaxation, relief from stress;
    improvement of psychological well-being.
    The massage acts as a distraction therapy, helping to relieve insomnia, increased anxiety, panic attacks, effectively deals with the effects of stressful situations and depressive situations. Classical full body massage is indicated for clients wishing to get rid of or reduce symptoms of painful moments, increase vitality, improve the general condition of the body. Sign up for Thai massage at the SPA Centre DIVA in Kiev for an affordable price. It is a thorough workout of the body muscles, relieves muscle hypertonicity, restores skin elasticity and improves immunity. Book a professional Thai massage in Kiev from our top professionals in the spa centre DIVA for an affordable price, located on the right bank of Kiev, who will choose an individual technique, given your personal characteristics, needs, age category, the price of spa massage on the website. You can make an appointment online for a Thai massage on this website or call on these phone numbers and get the information concerning price, features of massage, possible contraindications.

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Frequently asked questions about Thai massage in Kiev

Is parking available at the Diva SPA Center?
Parking availability may vary depending on the location of the Diva Center, so it's best to check ahead of time.
Can I request a specific provider at the Diva SPA Center?
You may be able to request a specific provider at the Diva Center, but availability may vary.
How do I prepare for my appointment at the Diva SPA Center?
To prepare for your appointment at the Diva Center, you may need to follow specific instructions, such as wearing comfortable clothing or avoiding certain foods or activities.
What should I do if I need to reschedule my appointment at the Diva SPA Center?
To reschedule your appointment at the Diva Center, you may need to contact the center directly or use their online scheduling system.


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