Model hair styling

Model haircuts are a compromise between classic and creative.

Model styling in the Diva salon

Service price - from 300 UAH.

Model haircuts are a compromise between classic and creative. They will help to emphasize the style of the owner, to form the perfect oval of the face. An experienced master can completely change the image of the client with the help of a model hairstyle. Help rejuvenate the face or add solidity, femininity, chic.

When visiting Kiev, be sure to look into the Diva salon if you want to see the wonders that model styling creates. The SPA-salon on the right bank of Kiev offers various types of hairdressing services, massages, visage and cosmetic procedures.

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What are the model styling?

Model styling – giving a certain shape to the hair. It lasts for a certain time. Usually from one to the next hair wash.

The hairstyle can last for different times. It all depends on such factors:

  • strand structure;
  • curling tools, their type. Diameter;
  • type of fixing agent;
  • the weather – everything is individual here, some clients have their hair curled up in high humidity, while others, on the contrary, are smoothed out.

The cold method can be used to create a model hairstyle. This is the most gentle hair option. Carried out with fingers and a comb. Allows you to significantly vary the width of the waves. For fixation, professional tools and accessories are used. Curlers are rarely used today. However, some clients are closest to this method. The airy styled hairstyle adds volume to the hair. It looks attractive. You can also make waves with a hair dryer, comb, and flat brush. Brushing is used to straighten and shape curly hair. Curly beautiful curls can be done using electrical appliances. In the Kiev SPA-salon Diva, the latest tools are used for this, which do not spoil the structure of the hairs. Combing and blunting can also be used to form a female model hairstyle.

Cost of services

The price of styling a female model haircut depends on its type. If this is an evening option - from 1400 to 1600 UAH. Daily model styling in the salon is presented in 3 options. When creating them, styling, brush is used. The cost varies from 500 to 1000 UAH. For hair care, treatment and restoration, the salon offers special types of procedures. There are comprehensive options that include step-by-step recovery.We provide an opportunity to choose Spa procedure Model hair styling at normal cost from 50 to 5000 UAH. Update beauty, get rid of fatigue draw a charge good energy within Kyiv. Call by mobile phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to pick up Spa-session Model hair styling, qualified approach will help restore psychological harmonious unity, restore integrity of life, balance unity of the soul and unity body in Spa-center Diva street B. Khmelnytsky, 53, in the center of Kiev. Our administrator will pick up you wonderful service Model hair styling, which to be conducted on flawless levels from the actual cost. Make a reservation on spa session in the Spa beauty center Diva.

We recommend to pick up Spa-service Model hair styling at a normal price from 50 to 5000 UAH. Improve Your body get rid of fatigue draw a charge great energy in the center of Kiev. Dial free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and order Spa-session Model hair styling, integrated approach will help restore physical harmony, restore integrity of life, balance harmony of the soul and renewal skin in Spa-salon Diva in Kiev. Our personnel will pick up you wonderful service Model hair styling, which carried out on masterful level at the best price. Leave a reservation on spa service in the Spa center.

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