Evening hair styling

Women's evening styling is a complex and lengthy process. You can try to do your hair yourself, but if you need to look impeccable, then it is better to entrust the matter to the professionals of the Diva SPA.

Evening styling in Diva salon

The price of the evening styling service in the Diva spa center is from 500 UAH.

Having received an invitation to a gala event, every woman immediately starts looking for what to wear, what accessories to choose. But the most important thing is makeup and styling. Women's festive hairstyle is the basis of the image.

Women's evening styling is a complex and lengthy process. You can try to do your own hair, but if you need to look impeccable, then it is better to entrust the matter to the professionals of the Diva SPA. The SPA-salon is located on the right bank of Kiev.

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Professional hair care in Kiev

Professional hair care in Kiev also includes manipulations aimed at eliminating split ends. For this, the following procedures can be proposed:

  • polishing;
  • hot haircut;
  • bio-soldering;
  • pyrophoresis;
  • hot wrap.

Curl is usually preferred by women with perfectly straight hair. The method allows you to make wavy curls, which will add romance to the image. Festive hairstyles with a wrap for an evening party or prom, look perfect on long and medium hair. Can be performed using:

  • curlers;
  • hair dryer;
  • curling iron;
  • ironing and other electrical appliances.

Pulling is advisable for unruly, frizzy hair. Lets you make sophisticated simple hairstyles. The square, which is fashionable today, can be styled in various ways. Waves in various styles will look great. The wrapping in vintage style looks very impressive. You can also create the effect of wet hair. If the hair is not too short, the Greek style option is suitable. For a shortened square, you can choose evening styling with weaving elements. By the way, braids are perfect for long hair. French weaving looks attractive. This evening styling also looks good on medium-length hair. In the Diva salon, only the best power tools are used for hair straightening and curling. They are equipped with special elements that do not damage the structure. локонов.

Benefits of evening styling

Arriving in Kiev, be sure to visit the shops of the Diva chain. Here you can make a simple evening hairstyle that will add sophistication, festive styling for prom or wedding. There is also an option to go for medical procedures. Hair done in the salon will help you look perfect. There are a number of reasons to choose salon styling:

  • quality tools and professional cosmetics are used;
  • all hair imperfections will be reliably hidden;
  • cosmetics are selected taking into account the client's hair type.

A hair stylist is also employed in the Diva SPA center. He will help you choose the perfect option for your face type, selected outfit and accessories. Prices for styling in Diva salons are average in Ukraine. How much an evening hairstyle costs will depend on the complexity of the task. The cost varies from 700 to 1600 UAH. The current price of evening hairstyles is indicated in the price list.

You can with us choose and order Spa session Evening hair styling at a reasonable price from 300 to 5000 UAH. Update well-being, relieve stress, find the charge good mood in the center of Kiev. Dial free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to pick up service Evening hair styling, integrated approach will help balance physiological harmony, restore integrity of life, balance balance of the soul and renewal soul in Spa beauty center diva in the center of Kiev. Our manager will provide for you appropriate service Evening hair styling, which to be conducted on qualified level at a good price. Register on spa service Diva site.

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  • Evening hair styling
  • 500
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  • Hair coloring
  • 600
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  • Hair toning in the salon
  • 500
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  • Hair highlighting
  • 700
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  • Weaving braids
  • 400
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  • Bio hair straightening
  • 3000
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  • Hair lightening
  • 600
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