Professional pedicure is done by the best masters, an unforgettable experience both during and after.

List of services and their benefits

The price of a spa pedicure procedure in Kiev is 1000 UAH.

Foot care is not only a pedicure of nails with drawing, but also hygienic procedures to eliminate corns, to warn:

  • the development of the fungus;
  • ingrown nail;
  • inflammation of the nail plate;
  • the appearance of cracks.

Also, certain procedures make it possible to solve the problem of excessive sweating.

The cost of salon procedures is quite affordable. A simple express pedicure will take half an hour and will cost 600 UAH. For removing gel polish, the price will be 250 UAH.

More detailed prices for bright manicure and pedicure, as well as other procedures, can be found on the official website of the salon in the price section. On the portal there is an opportunity to sign up for drawings on toenails or another procedure.

Pedicure  - 1 Фото
Pedicure  - 2 Фото

The cost of pedicure in Kiev

At the disposal of the salon visitors is a wide range of services aimed at solving diverse problems. Among them:

  • female and male combined pedicure on the feet;
  • light pedicure;
  • toe nail design;
  • relaxation service, including combined pedicure, foot and foot massage;
  • SPA care – peeling, mask, ten-minute foot massage;
  • mask by Gisele Delorme;
  • removing gel polish;
  • ingrown toenail correction;
  • OPI, CND nail coating;
  • express pedicure.


Girls will be able to choose stylish designs and trendy nail coatings. Natural pedicure looks appropriate in any case, makes the legs well-groomed and graceful.

Marble pedicure looks original and is one of the latest trends of the season for 2021-2022. At the peak of popularity is also a gentle moon pedicure with rhinestones.

The design on the toenails can be chosen according to your age, character, style of clothing and goals. For a trip to the sea, and beach parties, a bright sunny design for a pedicure is suitable. Juicy tones accentuate your tan even more and draw attention to well-groomed legs.

Pictures for a pedicure can be selected very different. Fantasy drawings look original and stylish. A pedicure with an inscription is a good youth option to stand out from the crowd. Floral patterns on the toenails will suit romantic natures.

Diva salon experts can replicate any design. Customers can preview pictures of pedicure on the Internet, for example, and ask for such a design.

Pedicure in the best spa salon in Kiev

I look forward to not only revealing, hands, only, but th legs. For an additional pedicure, you can see a great number of problems: aesthetic, sanitary-hygienic and others. An elegant pedicure is beautiful and stylish. Carry out the most beautiful procedure in the wits of the salon. At home minds have no access to progressive installation, materials and resources. In addition, in the salon you will be a professional, who knows his right, but the vicon Simple design of pedicure and treatment. At the Diva SPA, residents of Kiev and guests of the city have access to pedicure and spa treatments for them. The center is located in the very heart of the capital, in the most visible district, on the right birch for the address st. Bohdan Khmelnitskogo 53. It is easy to know us all who need a pedicure with a design.

We offer to order and pick up Spa-procedure Pedicure at normal cost from 50 to 4000 UAH. Support your youth relieve stress draw a charge vital energy in Kiev. Dial by mobile phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and order Spa-procedure Pedicure , specialist of a wide profile will help to fill psychological harmony, restore harmony of life, balance body integrity and cleaning body in center Diva street B. Khmelnytsky, 53, in the center of Kiev. Our administrator will provide you appropriate service Pedicure , which to be executed on high level at fair value. Leave a request on spa procedure in the Spa-salon Diva.

  • Услуга
  • Стоимость
  • Reflexology foot massage
  • 1200
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  • Hand massage
  • 600
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  • Express manicure
  • 0
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  • Paraffin therapy for hands
  • 1000
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  • Nail extension gel
  • 0
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  • Frequently asked questions about Pedicure

    What types of massages are offered at the Diva SPA Center?
    The types of massages offered at the Diva Center can vary and may include Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and more.
    What types of facials are offered at the Diva SPA Center?
    The types of facials offered at the Diva Center can vary and may include deep cleansing, hydrating, anti-aging, and more.
    What qualifications do the providers at the Diva SPA Center have?
    The providers at the Diva Center are typically licensed and trained professionals with specific qualifications for their respective services.
    How do I schedule an appointment at the Diva SPA SPA Center?
    To schedule an appointment at the Diva Center, you can call the center directly or book online through their website.


    +38 (066) 000 11 34 Kyiv, 53, А. Khmelnytskogo Str. Opera Hotel, 1st floor

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