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Massage services from SPA DIVA

In terms of location, massage procedures are divided into:

  • complex massage – for the whole body;
  • local massage – for specific areas, for example, only the back, neck or face.

How much it costs to do a full body massage or a separate area, you can see on the website. The price is always up to date. The price will depend on the type of SPA procedure. Also, the cost will be affected by one session or a whole series.

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How does massage affect the body?

The physical effect on the skin allows you to stimulate the work of the whole body. It is possible to increase the dynamics of the work of blood vessels, muscles, sweat, sebaceous glands, and the central nervous system. Massage in combination with physical exercises can significantly reduce the volume of the body. By accelerating blood circulation, enhancing the work of the fatty glands, it turns out to achieve an improvement in metabolism. If the goal is to lose weight, then the massage therapist must be visited at least 15 times. It is better to perform anti-cellulite procedures in complexes every 3-6 months. The nerve centers are most susceptible to massage. There are many centers on the skin that transmit signals to the brain. When exposed to them, it is possible:

  • improve performance;
  • improve well-being;
  • get a charge of vivacity or, on the contrary, complete relaxation (depending on whether a sports or tonic massage is performed);
  • stimulate the production of vital hormones;
  • improve immunity.

A comprehensive full body massage is suitable for maintaining tone and health as a preventive measure. Treatment procedures are indicated for:

  • bruises;
  • gastritis and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • neuralgia;
  • asthma;
  • recovery from pneumonia, serious fractures;
  • paralysis and other pathologies.

When visiting Kiev, be sure to drop by a massage parlor for a consultation. If the above problems occur. A sign that a really good SPA massage has been performed is pleasant relaxation in the body. By means of physical action on the skin, spasms are relieved.

Benefits of massage in the salon

Massage salon in Kiev is the best choice. The center has a number of advantages:

  • procedures are performed by professional massage therapists with medical education;
  • individual approach to clients and their problems; diagnostics;
  • the possibility of ordering a professional massage in Kiev, a whole range of spa treatments.

Looking at the price list of the massage parlor, it can be noted that the prices of services here are quite democratic. On the website of the center it is possible to order a subscription for:

  • complex or therapeutic back massage;
  • full body, neck massage
  • massage of hands, feet, head, face.

The main advantage in the Diva spa salon is not only high-class masseurs, but also a certificate issued as the best spa and massage center in Kiev. You can find us by using online maps by entering in the search “Am I near the Diva massage parlor in Kiev”. Before starting a massage session, be sure to make an appointment with a massage therapist for advice and choosing the right technique. Registration is made online or by phone. Remember that mistakes in this procedure are unacceptable, so you need to choose only professionals in their field and a suitable service. Especially if there are such violations as intervertebral hernia, etc. Not all salons, which offer such procedures, adhere to the rules.

We have it possible pick up and order Spa-service H1 at the best price from 150 to 4000 UAH. Improve body, get rid of stress find the charge good mood without leaving Kiev. Dial by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to pick up Spa-treatment H1, integrated approach will help tone up physical harmony, restore personality renewal, balance harmony of the soul and harmony skin in Spa-beauty saloon diva in the center of Kiev. Our employee will provide for you better service H1, which to be conducted on super professional level at normal cost. Register on service in the center.


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