Women’s styling

Fascinating hair styling from the best spa specialists, using only the best products and tools for a high result

Women's styling in the Diva salon

The price of spa services is from 250 UAH.

Styling – giving a certain shape to the hair for a certain period (from washing to shampooing). Manipulation is carried out by women in various ways:

  • cold styling – with the help of hands, styling combs, various professional means for fixing;
  • hot styling – using a hair dryer, hot rollers, tongs, curling iron, ironing, cone and other tools.
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Women's hair styling service

The length of time it takes to maintain its shape depends on the type of hair used for fixing. But the most important thing is the skill level of the hairdresser. If a person does not follow the technology, is poorly prepared, it will not be possible to achieve good results. The hairstyle disintegrates in a few hours.

You can make a beautiful styling in Kiev in a specialized spa center Diva. The SPA is located on the right bank of Kiev.

The main elements of female styling

In general, the hairstyle consists of certain elements.

  1. Laying parting - it can be straight, side, curly. It is a line that divides hair into 2 parts.
  2. Laying a half-part is an analogue of a parting, which is less than half.
  3. Crowning is the highest wave line. In this area, the curl changes direction in the opposite direction.
  4. Wave laying is an element with a smooth bend. Bordered by crowns on both sides. The larger the wave, the longer the styling will last.
  5. Curl styling - curly strand. It can be vertical, horizontal, drain.

By design, styling is for long, short, medium, straight or curly hair. There are the following types of hair styling for women:

  • evening;
  • cocktail;
  • office;
  • everyday;
  • festive.

For 2020-2021, many models of women's hairstyles that are familiar to many fashionistas from past years are in trend. Among them:

  • Styling - bundles of different configurations and volumes - are suitable both for going to the gym and for a wedding, if you decorate them with appropriate accessories;
  • Styling - "surfer's girlfriend" - curls carelessly sticking out to the sides will emphasize naturalness, suitable for medium and short hair;
  • Styling - Hollywood curls - a classic that has not gone out of fashion for many years;
  • Styling - a piled tail - the owner of long curls is perfect;
  • Styling - retro style with vintage touches;
  • Styling - hairstyles with bangs that will help highlight the benefits and hide the flaws.

Styling options with straight hair and parting are still in demand. This is a classic style that is appropriate for many occasions.

The cost of salon styling Kiev

How much does salon styling cost depends on the qualifications, the chosen master, the complexity of the work. In the Diva beauty salon, you can make any stylish hairstyle. The Diva Spa employs the very best professionals. Moreover, you can get services not only from a hairdresser, but also from a stylist. And if necessary, you can do makeup for all occasions. Among the offered styling there are:

  • styling luxury 1 - price 700-900 UAH;
  • luxury styling 2 - 800-1000 UAH;
  • luxury styling 3 - 1000-1200 UAH

The prices for Diva Spa services also depend on which treatment is chosen. If necessary, you can carry out a course of treatment and recovery by ordering complex or single procedures. The actual cost of all events is indicated in the price list of the Diva spa salon. Salon address: Kiev, st. B. Khmelnitsky 53

We provide an opportunity sign up for service Women's styling at a reasonable price from 50 to 5000 UAH. Support body, relieve stress, buy a charge excellent mood in Kiev. Dial free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and reserve Spa service Women's styling, highly qualified specialist will help to reinforce physical harmony, restore integrity of life, balance body integrity and transformation soul in Spa-beauty saloon Diva street B. Khmelnytsky, 53, in Kyiv. Our employee will pick up for you better service Women's styling, which carried out on professional level at the best price. Leave a request on spa treatment in the Spa-beauty center.

We can order Spa treatment Women’s styling at fair value from 500 to 4000 UAH. Support your youth relieve stress draw a charge positive energy in Kiev. Call by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to choose Spa-treatment Women’s styling, integrated approach will help to fill bodily harmonious unity, restore integrity of personality, balance body balance and harmony soul in Spa-salon Diva in the center of Kiev. Our manager will prompt you difference service Women’s styling, which to be executed on high level from the actual cost. Sign up on spa session in the beauty saloon Diva.

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