Lymphatic drainage facial massage

The condition of the skin, its health depends on the quality of blood circulation through the vessels and capillaries, as well as on the quality of the outflow of lymph.

Lymphatic drainage procedures in Kiev

Spa service lymphatic drainage facial massage price – from 1600 UAH.

The condition of the skin, its health depends on the quality of blood circulation through the vessels and capillaries, as well as on the quality of the outflow of lymph. The system of the lymphatic tract carries all fluids throughout the body, and along with them – the elements of nutrition. With aging, these processes slow down, skin cells do not receive enough nutrients, oxygen, moisture, and therefore cease to regenerate and renew, lose their protective properties.

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Lymphatic drainage massage for the whole face

SPA DIVA on the right bank in the center of Kiev offers to try lymphatic drainage massage for the face, the price of the lymphatic drainage procedure is affordable. If you notice age-related changes: a grayish tint, disappearance of blush, a swollen contour and puffiness, lymphatic drainage will help restore shape without invasive intervention. Massage sessions will help to sculpt features, relieve swelling, bruises and bags under the eyes, restore the protective barrier and elasticity of the skin. The procedure will allow you to start the processes of blood circulation and lymphatic activity slowing down due to age.

Lymphatic massage for the face, in the spa salon DIVA

In the DIVA SPA, massage is carried out according to the method of Gisele Delorme of the French cosmetic company. The basis of the method is the contraction-unclenching of the muscles in order to activate the lymph and its natural drainage. Lymphatic drainage starts a number of processes:

  • improves complexion;
  • eliminates congestion, inflammation;
  • narrows pores;
  • normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • activates collagen production;
  • removes excess fluid;
  • fills the skin with radiance from the inside.

Our cosmetologist approaches each guest individually. Before proceeding with the lymphatic drainage massage using special means, a specialist will diagnose, test your skin type, because the procedure should not harm the use of incorrect care products. After that, the face will be cleansed of cosmetics, followed by a massage using aroma oil. At the end, a mask is applied according to the needs of the skin, and at the end, a caring serum or cream.

Cosmetology room in the SPA-salon DIVA

The masters of our salon were trained in the lymphatic drainage procedure technique in France, at master classes by the developer and author of the Magi Road technique. Upon completion of the training course, cosmetologists received an international certificate. It should be noted that the secrets of the Gisele Delorme lymphatic massage are not disclosed to the general public. Cosmetics used by cosmetologists are developed, tested and produced in our own laboratory, Gisele Delorme. These products are based on natural ingredients that are completely safe for health. How much does a lymphatic drainage face massage cost, you can check with the administrator. Contact phone numbers are listed on the home page.

We recommend you order Spa-treatment Lymphatic drainage facial massage at normal cost from 200 to 6000 UAH. Improve beauty, get rid of stress buy a charge great mood in the center of Kiev. Contact us free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and reserve Spa service Lymphatic drainage facial massage, highly qualified specialist will help restore bodily harmony, restore energy balance, balance body integrity and cleaning skin in salon diva in the center of Kiev. Our employee choose you wonderful service Lymphatic drainage facial massage, which to be conducted on masterful level at fair value. Sign up on spa session in the center.

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