Evening make-up

A combination of bright, contrasting tones helps to make evening makeup complete and sophisticated.

Salon evening make-up from Diva

The price for evening make-up is from 800 UAH.

The most attractive price for evening make-up in Kiev in the Diva salon. Here you can make a light, non-catchy make-up, a romantic wedding or a daring and shocking one for parties and events.

How much does the evening make-up cost, you can find out by contacting the administration by phone or e-mail. There is also a price list on the site, which contains prices and lists of all procedures offered by the center. You can come for a consultation at the address: Kiev, Right Bank, Opera Hotel, 1st floor.

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Types of evening make-up

Visage for the evening has several features:

  • perfect face tone, smooth skin;
  • accent – eyes + lips;
  • shadow color – any;
  • cheekbones – well defined;
  • decorative cosmetics for lips – bright, juicy shades;
  • arrows are required;
  • lines are clear.

A combination of bright, contrasting tones helps to make evening makeup complete and sophisticated. In the daytime, mainly beige and brown colors are used. There are 5 styles of evening makeup.

  1. Retro - the most striking examples of this style are Merlin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and other celebrities of the last century. The main highlight of the image is long, clear arrows, thin curved eyebrows and a minimum of blush. The accent on the lips is done with bright red lipstick or a different tone is selected. There is a pearlescent coating option. Such a make-up is suitable for a theme party, it will look good for a prom.
  2. Greek is a great option for a wedding or any special occasion. Helps to emphasize femininity, create a harmonious image. This style is characterized by wide, clear eyebrows, prominent cheekbones. The makeup artist places the main emphasis on the eyes. Pearlescent golden brown tones are used. Eyelashes are sure to stand out.
  3. Восточный — выглядит празднично и притягательно. Изюминка стиля — глаза. Цвета палитры контрастные яркие. Четкие линии бровей с идеальным изгибом. Обязательный штрих — длинные черные стрелки.
  4. Smoky eyes - this option can be called an evening make-up classic. The look with him becomes languid, alluring. Shades can be any.
  5. Club - the brightest evening make-up. To create it, sparkles, glitter, juicy shadows are used.

Professional formal evening make-up must be flawless. It is important to take into account every little thing here, because the visage should be in harmony with the dress, hairstyle, and accessories. Otherwise, the woman will look ridiculous. In the salon you can order evening make-up with a lifting effect. This is a light evening option that hides wrinkles. Makes the face look fresher.

Evening make-up in the salon

Diva is a beauty salon in which not only makeup artists work, but also stylists. Together, the masters will be able to choose the perfect evening look for any event. Most of the techniques described are simply impossible to perform at home. The cost of makeup includes preparatory procedures involving the use of patches, a refreshing mask. Only professional cosmetics are used for make-up.

We offer sign up for Spa-procedure Evening make-up at a normal price from 50 to 4000 UAH. Support the beauty of your body, get rid of stress get a charge good energy in the center of Kiev. Dial free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to choose session Evening make-up, qualified approach will help find psychological harmony, restore fullness of life, balance body balance and restored skin in Spa center diva in Kyiv at 53 B. Khmelnytskoho Street. Our manager choose you strange service Evening make-up, which is performed on masterful levels at an affordable price. Leave a request on spa procedure in the Spa-salon.

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  • Frequently asked questions about Evening make-up

    What are the benefits of getting a spray tan at the Diva SPA Center?
    The benefits of getting a spray tan at the Diva Center can include a natural-looking tan without the risks of sun exposure.
    What should I wear during my massage at the Diva SPA Center?
    During your massage at the Diva Center, you may be asked to undress to your comfort level and will be covered with a sheet or towel
    How is confidentiality maintained at the Diva SPA Center?
    Confidentiality is maintained at the Diva Center through a range of measures, including secure record-keeping and professional conduct.
    How long does a makeup session typically last at the Diva SPA Center?
    A makeup session at the Diva Center can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


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