DIVA SPA is a quiet corner in the heart of the city. A place where peace, tranquility and harmony reign, where they know how to surprise and where you leave with a smile and shining eyes. The five-star hotel status sets the standard in service and variety of treatments. We are ready to satisfy the taste of the most demanding guest.

SPA hair care

Evening hair styling

Women's evening styling is a complex and lengthy process. You can try to do your hair yourself, but if you need to look impeccable, then it is better to entrust the matter to the professionals of the Diva SPA.

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Hair coloring

Hair coloring is immensely popular among women of all ages. Choosing the right color, you can radically change your image.

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Hair toning

Hair tinting is a gentle treatment for a refined appearance of your hair, emphasizing creativity and personal image.

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Hair highlighting

Hair highlighting is one of the types of coloring, the highlight of this method is mixing the main hair color with dyed ones.

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Weaving braids

Weaving braids of any complexity in our salon will help to realize an old dream and emphasize individuality

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Bio hair straightening

Flowing shiny even curls are the dream of the owners of curly and unruly hair. The bio-straightening procedure will help to bring it to life.

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Hair lightening

Bright people want to look light, especially for you we offer a hair lightening service in our SPA

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Body massage

Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage is performed on the basis of a natural product that contains cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

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Olive massage

When rubbed into the skin, olive oil nourishes, moisturizes it and leaves behind a thin film that can protect it from the sun's rays.

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Stone therapy

Hot stone massage promotes muscle relaxation, increases the intensity of metabolic processes, brings a feeling of physical peace and mental balance.

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Classic massage

Classic full body massage is a whole program of manipulative techniques that are aimed at achieving a therapeutic or prophylactic effect.

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Sports massage

Sports massage in the SPA-center is a thorough study of the muscles of the body, back, legs, arms, relieves muscle hypertonia, restores skin elasticity.

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Back massage

All types of back massage are aimed at relaxing muscles, eliminating fatigue, pain, helping to cope with increased irritability, and soothing.

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Scrub and massage treatment

In combination with massage, scrubbing improves blood circulation. After the scrub, the skin remains hydrated, soft and silky.

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Men spa programs

The men's spa salon is a relaxation. Daily driving in traffic jams, being in the office in one position for 8 or more hours, physical activity and stress - all this negatively affects the state of health, is the reason to sign up for procedures.

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Spa for the body

Body wrap and massage

Anti-cellulite body wraps and massage at the DIVA SPA are a relaxing procedure that restores the elasticity of the skin and contributes to the slimming process.

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Detox body wrap and massage

Lymphatic drainage wrap with a detox effect in recent years has been one of the main programs in medical cosmetology.

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In the solarium, you can simply sunbathe to get a beautiful skin tone. It is also indicated for various deviations in the work of the body for treatment.

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Algae wraps

The result of skin healing is noticeable immediately after the first procedure: the skin is soft, without spots and inflammations, velvety to the touch, cracks disappear.

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Shugaring procedure - manipulation with a minimum list of contraindications, high efficiency

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Body peeling

Body peeling is useful at any age.

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Seaweed wrap and massage

For SPA wrapping, algae are used in the form of thin layers and kelp in the form of a powder, i.e. micronized algae are used.

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Facial spa

Facial massage

Professional facial massage is carried out using proven techniques, an unforgettable experience both during and after.

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Lymphatic drainage facial massage

The condition of the skin, its health depends on the quality of blood circulation through the vessels and capillaries, as well as on the quality of the outflow of lymph.

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Face lifting massage

SPA Center DIVA in Kiev offers an effective method of facial rejuvenation - manual lifting massage and modeling facial massage.

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Facial cosmetology

Day make-up

The procedure will make you feel confident and look flawless at work and any event, be it a trip to the theater, the opera or a wedding.

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Eyebrow dyeing

Eyebrow dyeing with henna allows you to mask bald spots, to show barely noticeable hairs. Henna stains not only the hairs, but also the skin. The dye is used in the architecture of the site in question

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Eyebrow modeling

Eyebrow modeling - a session of procedures that include changing the shape, coloring. The term is often confused with correction. The first procedure involves creating the shape of the eyebrows, their significant change.

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Eyelash extension

Eyelash extensions are a great solution for busy ladies, those who are physically active, and those who always want to look stunning. Eyelash extensions are waterproof, they do not require masking, and all the parameters are determined by the client. You can choose the length, thickness, degree of curl and even the volume of lashes.

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Evening make-up

A combination of bright, contrasting tones helps to make evening makeup complete and sophisticated.

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Visage and makeup

Successfully arranged colors will help to highlight the best in appearance.

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Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow decoration is an opportunity to transform yourself, make your eyes more expressive, open, and even visually change the shape of your face. Of course, the final result of the session and the price are determined by the qualifications of the master.

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SPA for hands and feet


Professional manicure is done by the best masters, an unforgettable experience both during and after.

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Reflexology foot massage

Our feet and the soles of our feet contain a large number of nerve endings. These points, in turn, are associated with various organs and systems of our body.

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Hand massage

Hands are one of the most loaded parts of the body, they are the ones who do a lot of work every day.

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Professional pedicure is done by the best masters, an unforgettable experience both during and after.

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Express manicure

Express manicure at Diva Spa

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Paraffin therapy for hands

The result of skin healing is noticeable immediately after the first procedure: the skin is soft, without spots and inflammations, velvety to the touch, cracks disappear.

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Nail and hand care for men is as important as for women. Ugly nails, hands with rough skin not only do not decorate a person, but also increase the risk of infection and fungus.

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Nail extension gel

Gel nails are one of the most popular nail extension and decoration techniques. It is ideal for women with weak, slow-growing nails. The glue manicure gives the nails a natural look - subtle and delicate.

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Haircuts in Kiev

Beard and mustache trimming

A beard and mustache require careful grooming: haircut, styling, grooming with special products. The hairline on the face sticking out in different directions, unattractive color, looks ridiculous, causes disgust.

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Women’s hairstyles

Women's hairstyle is a form of styling, but more complex. It is given to hair by cutting, thinning, adding a color palette, curling, braiding.

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Women’s styling

Fascinating hair styling from the best spa specialists, using only the best products and tools for a high result

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Model hair styling

Model haircuts are a compromise between classic and creative.

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Women's haircut in Kiev

A fashionable haircut can highlight the individuality of any woman. A correctly chosen style will help to correct the oval of the face and hide imperfections.

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Thai massage in Kiev

Thai traditional massage

The impact on the legs and feet is not just a massage with relaxation, improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow.

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Thai aroma massage

The effect of massage according to Thai technique is aimed at improving the body as a whole, and not just with the back or leg muscles.

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Thai anti-stress massage

An anti-stress massage is aimed at working out the facial muscles, eliminating fine expression wrinkles, non-invasive skin tightening and relieving stress.

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Thai herbal massage

Thai massages are renowned for their unusual approach and incredible results

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Thai back, neck and head massage

More than 55 muscles are concentrated on the human face. They work every waking second

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Thai massage Sabai

Thai massage differs in that its results are felt after the first session. To consolidate the result, take a course of tai sabai massage and feel lightness throughout the body.

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Variety of procedures in the Diva beauty salon

Human skin needs careful care. She suffers from exposure to chemical detergents, frost, wind, heat. As a result, the skin becomes dry, loses its tone and ages prematurely. SPA therapy will help to avoid this.

SPA therapy for hands

Experienced specialists of the center will quickly help to figure out which service is suitable for hand care. Spa treatments for hands in Diva beauty salon include the following list of services:

  • baths with the addition of natural extracts;
  • hand peeling - exfoliation of dead skin cells;
  • masks;
  • hand massage;
  • paraffin therapy;
  • spa manicure.

The current price list for services and prices is on the salon website. The cost of SPA procedures in the Diva beauty salon depends on the type of manipulation, the means used, the problem. At the request of the client, a single procedure can be ordered or a whole complex program can be drawn up. The price will depend on the selected list of spa treatments. When selecting funds, possible contraindications are always taken into account. Each client has an individual approach, because everyone has their own characteristics of the body.

What effect can you get from spa treatments?

Baths play a major role in SPA therapy. This treatment brings relaxation, enlarges the pores, which allows better absorption of beneficial minerals from natural skin care products. It is carried out as a preparatory stage for a more radical intervention. Without relaxation, it will not be possible to achieve smoothing of wrinkles and eliminate dryness. To rejuvenate and tone up, the salon offers a peeling procedure. To cleanse and exfoliate keratinized skin particles, soft scrubs with abrasive elements or amino acids are used. The SPA center service, involving the application of a mask, allows you to solve deeper problems. The tool and its composition are selected depending on the problem. Masks can have the effect of:

  • healing;
  • smoothing;
  • whitening;
  • regeneration.

Hand masks are not multifunctional. Each option is designed to solve a specific problem. Although many salons neglect the selection of narrow-profile cosmetics and deceive their customers by talking about the existence of universal products. Good reviews about Diva salons on the right bank of Kiev are not accidental, because they provide the best massage in the city. The correct massage technique can increase blood flow to the extremities, relax muscles, and eliminate pain in the fingers. The best DIVA is also among the salons offering paraffin therapy and spa manicure. These manipulations have a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Benefits of service in the Diva salon

The spa services are of the highest class. There are a number of reasons to choose the DIVA SPA center in Kiev:

  • the use of quality cosmetics in the provision of services;
  • taking into account the individual characteristics of the client and
  • possible contraindications to spa procedures when selecting them;
  • the best cost of spa services in the city of Kiev;
  • the possibility of drawing up a comprehensive program aimed at care and recovery;
  • clean room;
  • high-quality disinfection of all instruments;
  • the possibility of online recording.

You can buy spa treatments not only online, but also by visiting the institution in person. SPA is located on the right bank of Kiev, on B. Khmelnitsky street 53, in the Opera hotel on the ground floor. The price list of spa treatments can be found in advance on the center's website. Here you can also get expert advice on all issues:

  • which SPA treatment program is right for you;
  • composition of cosmetics, its brand and manufacturer, etc.

In the salon, you can also buy certificates for SPA services. This will be a gorgeous gift for yourself or loved ones.


+38 (066) 000 11 34 Kyiv, 53, А. Khmelnytskogo Str. Opera Hotel, 1st floor

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