Detox body wrap and massage

Lymphatic drainage wrap with a detox effect in recent years has been one of the main programs in medical cosmetology.

Lymphatic drainage SPA procedure

The price of a spa detox and body wrap service at the best price in Kiev is from UAH 1,500

Lymphatic drainage wrap with a detox effect in recent years has been one of the main programs in medical cosmetology. A beautiful and fit body is the dream of many women and men, but not everyone knows how to achieve this. The body wrap is often recommended for patients with problems with edema, venous congestion, cellulite and overweight. In addition to solving the listed problems, the detox procedure nourishes and moisturizes the skin, cleanses, normalizes blood circulation and sweating. During the session, toxic substances and excess fluid are removed through the pores of the skin, the dermis becomes smooth, silky to the touch.

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Features of the spa procedure

It is recommended to carry out wrapping sessions in specialized salons, such as the DIVA spa center. Before starting the process, the body must be thoroughly warmed up so that the pores of the skin open and the metabolic processes of the upper layers are activated. With regular sessions of detox wraps using professional products, the immune system is strengthened, natural aging processes are slowed down, the skin is smoothed, its firmness and elasticity return. Of course, you will not lose weight from size 56 to size 42, but with regular wrapping in combination with physical activity and a balanced diet, you will lose weight much faster.


SPA center DIVA offers

Our SPA center uses professional cosmetics for the body, therefore lymphatic drainage wraps with a detox effect show the effect after the first session. Positive impact of the procedure:

  • improves blood circulation and oxygen transport through the tissues;
  • effectively removes fluid from fatty deposits;
  • tone and moisturize the upper layers of the skin;
  • cell regeneration is activated;
  • metabolic processes are enhanced.

It is recommended to do detox procedures in the SPA-salon once a month, and in order to get rid of cellulite - once a week. Lymphatic drainage wraps with professional body cosmetics will give you a feeling of lightness and purity, and your skin - youth and firmness.

Spa treatment detox wraps in the salon

Only here wraps are carried out using a unique method from GERARD'S. During the session, natural ingredients are used: peat, vegetable oils, liposome creams, essential oils and extracts, vitamins, organic acids, algae. Our cosmetologists studied technologies and techniques in France and Germany, the homeland of many cosmetics and cosmetic procedures. The specialists of the DIVA center have international certificates and 16 years of professional experience behind them. In our salon you will find spacious offices, a cozy atmosphere conducive to relaxation, and friendly staff. You can make an appointment by using one of the contact numbers indicated on the website or online, and you can also familiarize yourself with the price list on the website.

You can with us order treatment Detox body wrap and massage at a reasonable price from 50 to 6000 UAH. Update your beauty relieve stress find the charge good mood without leaving Kiev. Contact us free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to pick up procedure Detox body wrap and massage, specialist of a wide profile will help to fill physical harmony, restore personality renewal, balance body balance and unity body in Spa-center diva in Kyiv at 53 B. Khmelnytskoho Street. Our personnel will provide you good service Detox body wrap and massage, which is performed on flawless levels at a good price. Make a reservation on spa service in the beauty saloon.

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  • Detox body wrap and massage
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