Thai traditional massage

The impact on the legs and feet is not just a massage with relaxation, improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow.

Traditional Thai full body massage

Massage service thai traditional massage price - from 1500 UAH.

Traditionally, Thai massage is performed by pressing certain points on the body. With the help of the influence of fingers, wrists, elbows, feet and knees, the master kneads all the muscles, stretches them and twists them. After a session with a Thai practitioner in the SPA, you will feel relaxation, you will notice that spasms and clamps have disappeared in the back and body. A regular visit to the massage room can relieve you of headaches, migraine attacks and restore sound sleep at night.

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Traditional Thai foot massage

Thais perform this procedure on a hard mat. The classic version includes elements of passive yoga. You are guided by the masseur, giving your body the desired position. Before the start of the session, you will be asked to change into a special cotton suit (pajamas).

The impact on the legs and feet is not just a massage with relaxation, improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow. Since there are points on the feet leading to all organs and systems of the body, it has a positive effect on your overall well-being.

Thai massage at DIVA SPA

Thai traditional massage is not just a way to relax and get rid of tension, it is a real art that helps to restore balance in the body and improve health. If you want to order a Thai massage in Kyiv, please contact our SPA-salon DIVA on the right bank of the city.

Our team of experienced massage therapists is able to create a unique atmosphere of relaxation and harmony, which will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of Thai massage. We use only the best oils and blends that nourish and moisturize the skin, as well as improve blood circulation and metabolism.

Spa salon Diva - will help you to completely relax, relieve fatigue and stress, cheer up. Thai massage not only helps relieve pain and swelling, but also improves the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens muscles and joints.

We offer a wide range of programs and services for every taste and taste. In our SPA-salon you can order a Thai massage of the whole body, face, head, as well as foot and hand massage. We also offer Thai yoga services to help improve flexibility, relieve tension and improve overall well-being.

Coming to the spa is good after a hard day at work, when you are on your feet all day and in uncomfortable shoes. The masseur will not only help relieve tension. Book a spa service of a traditional full body massage in Kyiv at the best price, pain, swelling will disappear and your mood will improve.

Our team of massage therapists consists of real professionals who have been trained in Thailand and have extensive experience. They use various tricks and techniques to achieve maximum results and help to completely relax.

By visiting our DIVA SPA salon, you will plunge into an atmosphere of calm and harmony, which will help you forget about all the problems and enjoy the unique experience of Thai massage. We guarantee that you will be satisfied and want to come back to us again and again.

Book a Traditional Thai Massage

Sign up for a Thai traditional full body massage in Kyiv at an affordable price, a high-class massage specialist uses bamboo sticks, oils and his own hands. Book a relaxing SPA procedure at great prices in Kyiv. It is carried out at a comfortable pace and does not bring discomfort.

Kyiv is full of massage parlors, but it is quite difficult to find an experienced Thai massage master. SPA-salon DIVA on the right bank of Kyiv offers spa services of Thai massage specialists with extensive experience. People fall in love with the work of our massage therapists from the first touch. Visit us and see for yourself!

We recommend choose and order Spa-procedure Thai traditional massage at a good price from 100 to 6000 UAH. Update your beauty relieve fatigue buy a charge vital mood without leaving Kiev. Call by mobile phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and sign up Spa service Thai traditional massage, specialist of a wide profile will help find physical harmonious unity, restore fullness of life, balance integrity of the soul and harmony skin in beauty saloon diva street B. Khmelnytsky, 53, in Kyiv. Our employee will pick up for you strange service Thai traditional massage, which carried out on flawless level at a normal price. Leave a request on spa procedure site spasalon.

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  • Thai traditional massage
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  • Frequently asked questions about Thai traditional massage

    Are there any age restrictions for services at the Diva SPA Center?
    Age restrictions may apply for certain services at the Diva Center, so it's best to check ahead of time.
    What types of massages are offered at the Diva SPA Center?
    The types of massages offered at the Diva Center can vary and may include Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and more.
    How is confidentiality maintained at the Diva SPA Center?
    Confidentiality is maintained at the Diva Center through a range of measures, including secure record-keeping and professional conduct.
    How long does a makeup session typically last at the Diva SPA Center?
    A makeup session at the Diva Center can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


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