Classic massage

Classic full body massage is a whole program of manipulative techniques that are aimed at achieving a therapeutic or prophylactic effect.

General classical massage of the whole body

The price of a classic massage is from 1500 UAH.

Classic full body massage is a whole program of manipulative techniques that are aimed at achieving a therapeutic or prophylactic effect. The classical massage technique can be shown to everyone, without age restrictions. Classical massage of the back, face, abdomen, scalp, chest, etc. prevents many uncomfortable conditions, reduces pain, activates organs and systems, normalizes blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the epidermis and muscle tone, and increases the body’s defenses. Massage acts as a distraction therapy, combats sleep disorders, helps to get rid of increased anxiety, panic attacks, effectively eliminates the consequences of stressful situations and depression.

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The cost of a classic full body massage

The classic massage of the whole body in the SPA-center DIVA is a thorough study of the muscles of the body and face, relieving muscle hypertonicity, restoring elasticity to the skin. An unhealthy complexion will remain in the past, you can give elasticity to the mandibular fat packet, effectively work out the muscles of the back, shoulder, collar zone, get rid of fat deposits in the abdominal area, correct the waist, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The effectiveness of classic massage

Manual traditional massage of the whole body, face in the DIVA SPA center in Kiev gives amazing results:

  • noticeable tightening effect, corrected skin relief, elaboration of superficial fascia;
  • improved blood flow, increased lymph flow, collagen synthesis;
  • relieves pain symptoms, helps to fight chronic fatigue syndrome, poor health;
  • reduces edema, stimulates metabolism at the cellular level.

The general classical massage of the whole body involves a massage from the crown of the head to the tips of the toes, after which the relief of the skin is noticeably improved, the physical and psychological state is normalized.

Full body massage at DIVA SPA

The course of the general classical massage of the whole body creates an impressive effect, because working out is carried out at the level of the muscles of the body or face with the help of manual stimulation. A classic massage in the SPA salon, provided that it is performed regularly, has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body:

  • tissues are more actively saturated with oxygen;
  • turgor, skin elasticity are normalized, cellulite and fat deposits are reduced;
  • there is a healing effect with a cosmetic, lymphatic drainage effect;
  • the synthesis of elastin is activated.

In order for the general classical massage of the whole body to bring you real pleasure, trust the professional masseurs of the DIVA SPA center on the Right Bank of Kiev, who will select an individual technique, taking into account your personal characteristics, needs, age category; the price of the general classic massage of the body, face is indicated on the website. You can sign up for a general classic full body massage online by filling out the feedback form, or by calling the phone numbers indicated on the website and find out how much a massage costs, a general body massage service, and the cost of a masseur service. SPA-center DIVA has created all the conditions for a full-fledged premium-class rest. A visit to our SPA will strengthen your health, relieve nervous tension, and charge you with positive emotions.

We have it possible sign up for Spa-procedure Classic massage from the actual cost from 100 to 4000 UAH. Improve your beauty get rid of fatigue buy a charge excellent mood without leaving Kiev. Call by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and sign up Spa-procedure Classic massage, specialist of a wide profile will help restore psychological harmony, restore fullness of life, balance unity of the soul and cleaning soul in Spa-salon diva in the center of Kiev. Our manager will prompt you strange service Classic massage, which to be conducted on masterful levels at a reasonable price. Make a reservation on procedure in the beauty center.

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  • 2500
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  • 1200
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  • 1200
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  • Wellness and cosmetic massage
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