Day make-up service

The procedure will make you feel confident and look flawless at work and any event, be it a trip to the theater, the opera or a wedding.

Salon Day Makeup by Diva

The cost of daytime makeup is from 600 UAH.

Professional Salon Day Makeup is one of the services offered by the leading makeup artists at Diva Spa. This procedure will make you feel confident and look flawless at work and at any event, be it a trip to the theater, the opera or a wedding. Services can be received not only by residents of the capital, but also by those who come to Kiev on a business trip or just travel.

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Features and styles of day makeup

Daily makeup should highlight the woman’s natural beauty. Highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

There are 6 styles of daytime makeup for every day.

  1. Nude is the most popular option. Its purpose is to emphasize the skin. This is an ideal option to emphasize the natural beauty of every woman. For all the simplicity of appearance, the option is considered one of the most difficult to perform, because the smoothness of the skin and even tone is achieved through several cosmetics, but they should not be noticeable.
  2. Nude with an emphasis on the lips - in this version, a rich lipstick is used for the lips. The image immediately becomes completely different. Suitable for dating, work, publication.
  3. Nude with arrows - allows you to emphasize the eyes.
  4. Classic - involves the use of beige-brown shades to shade the eyes. The corner is emphasized in a darker tone.
  5. Smoky eyes - this make-up is suitable not only for the evening look. Smokes for day make-up are also made in a beige-brown light range. The lips are emphasized only slightly.
  6. Light day makeup is considered universal. However, there are activities that require a brighter image. For example, makeup for a wedding, competition, performance. For such events you need to make clearer accents, add accessories, sequins. This takes into account the hairstyle, outfit, goals.

Different techniques of working with facial lines are used to create classic and extraordinary day images. Among them:

  • strobing;
  • contouring;
  • airbrushing.

Contouring helps to model a completely different shape. For example, make the nose narrower, the lips more expressive, and the look deeper. Strobing - work with facial skin. The main task is to make the skin moisturized and radiant. Airbrushing involves the use of a special device. Allows you to make contactless daily makeup. The make-up lasts a very long time, up to 18 hours. The technique can also be used to create drawings on the face and body, if required by a particular image.

The benefits of doing makeup in the salon

The cost of daily light makeup depends on the nuances of execution. In the Diva salon you can also do your hair and styling. When ordering additional services, the price will change. Day make-up in the salon is performed with the use of professional cosmetics by leading make-up artists of Kiev. This is the main advantage of the procedure. Cosmetics are selected depending on the individual characteristics of the client, which completely eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions or skin irritations after make-up.

With us you can to pick up Spa session Day make-up service at the best price from 150 to 5000 UAH. Support your youth relieve fatigue draw a charge positive energy within Kyiv. Dial free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to pick up Spa service Day make-up service, qualified approach will help find psychological harmony, restore harmony of life, balance body balance and harmony soul in Spa-beauty saloon diva in Kyiv at 53 B. Khmelnytskoho Street. Our consultant will pick up you good service Day make-up service, which is performed on masterful levels from the actual cost. Leave a request on service in the beauty center.

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  • Day make-up service
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  • Frequently asked questions about Day make-up service

    How long do eyelash extensions typically last at the Diva SPA Center?
    Eyelash extensions at the Diva Center typically last 2-3 weeks before needing a touch-up.
    Can I request a specific provider at the Diva SPA Center?
    You may be able to request a specific provider at the Diva Center, but availability may vary.
    What are the benefits of hair removal?
    The benefits of hair removal services can include smooth skin, reduced hair growth, and more.
    What are the benefits of getting a spray tan at the Diva SPA Center?
    The benefits of getting a spray tan at the Diva Center can include a natural-looking tan without the risks of sun exposure.


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