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The men's spa salon is a relaxation. Daily driving in traffic jams, being in the office in one position for 8 or more hours, physical activity and stress - all this negatively affects the state of health, is the reason to sign up for procedures.

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The sessions for men in Kiev under consideration are a real chance to relax. If women are ready to spend a long time in specialized centers, go to them for the sake of beauty, then a strong half of humanity pursues other goals.

The men’s salon is relaxation. Daily driving in traffic jams, being in the office in one position for 8 or more hours, physical activity and stress – all this negatively affects the state of health, is the reason to sign up for procedures. Clamps in the muscles, increased tone do not allow you to fully relax, which has a significant effect on the quality of sleep, mood, activity, and susceptibility to infections.

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Salon Diva is a place for men to rest. Massage sessions, bath procedures, and other services are a real chance to forget about problems for a short time, recover, wasted energy, get rid of certain health problems, and fully renewed to return to routine duties with a good mood.

A spa program for a man, including a head massage, is a good solution to get rid of heaviness and unpleasant sensations in 10 minutes. And in addition, you can sign up for a hair or face care session by choosing a cost-effective option.

The Diva men’s spa program can also include hand treatments. Ugly, dirty nails, cracked skin not only look unattractive, but also cause discomfort, increases the risk of catching a fungus or infection. In such a situation, a great gift for a man is to book a manicure session with care baths, a mask and hand massage.

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Salon for men in Kiev Diva is located on the right bank, in the very heart of the capital, offers a favorable price for massage programs, etc. Immediately read the detailed information, view and compare prices for certain services. Ordering SPA as a gift for a man will not be difficult, wherever you are, because there is a convenient online form. Prices in a SPA salon for men differ depending on the type of procedures, the cosmetics used, and the time frame. Clients can book a single service – a VIP spa for men. Of course, the price for each option will be different. You can find out the price from the price list on the website, and then sign up for a suitable procedure.

Book a day in the spa for men not only residents of Kiev, but also everyone. If you are passing through the capital, do not pass up the opportunity to visit the Diva Center, and get complete relaxation at a bargain price. A session at the center can be booked online while you are on the go.

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SPA program for men has its own characteristics. If just recently spa services were not so in demand among the strong half of humanity, today the situation has changed. SPA for men as a gift is a great option that will be appreciated, especially if you order it in the best salon in Kiev Diva.

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Men's SPA procedures are very different. At the Diva Center you can sign up for:

massage for men;
cosmetology procedures, including facials, massage of this area;
beard and hair care;
reflexology, etc.

Massages for men can be ordered at a favorable cost in different formats. There is an option to book a place for sports, Thai, anti-stress, aroma, classic and other types. Clients have the opportunity to choose and sign up for a men's spa massage, depending on the location. There are options to order a massage session aimed at working out the cervical spine, back, legs, etc. No less in demand in the SPA center are procedures for men aimed at losing weight and improving skin condition. Depending on the type of procedures, the area of ​​study, the price differs.

We have it possible sign up for Spa-treatment Men spa programs at the current price from 150 to 4000 UAH. Improve well-being, relieve stress, draw a charge vital mood within Kyiv. Dial free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and sign up Spa-service Men spa programs, highly qualified specialist will help to fill emotional harmonious unity, restore fullness of life, balance balance of the soul and transformation soul in beauty saloon Diva in the center of Kiev. Our administrator will help you good service Men spa programs, which carried out on qualified level at the best price. Make a reservation on spa treatment in the Spa beauty center.

  • Услуга
  • Стоимость
  • Chocolate massage
  • 2500
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  • Olive massage
  • 2500
  • Записаться
  • Stone therapy
  • 2800
  • Записаться
  • Classic massage
  • 1200
  • Записаться
  • Sports massage
  • 1500
  • Записаться
  • Back massage
  • 1200
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  • Scrub and massage treatment
  • 2000
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  • Men spa programs
  • 800
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  • Wellness and cosmetic massage
  • 500
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  • Frequently asked questions about Men spa programs

    What types of hair removal services are offered at the Diva SPA Center?
    The types of hair removal services offered at the Diva Center can include waxing, threading, and laser hair removal.
    What is the difference between a spa and a medical spa?
    The main difference between a spa and a medical spa is the level of medical oversight and the types of services offered.
    How long do appointments typically last at the Diva SPA Center?
    Appointment length can vary depending on the service, but typically range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
    What should I do if I need to reschedule my appointment at the Diva SPA Center?
    To reschedule your appointment at the Diva Center, you may need to contact the center directly or use their online scheduling system.


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