Eyebrow modeling

Eyebrow modeling - a session of procedures that include changing the shape, coloring. The term is often confused with correction. The first procedure involves creating the shape of the eyebrows, their significant change.

The price of spa massage services, anti-stress massage in Kiev - from 1500 UAH.

Spa modeling session in the Diva spa salon directly depends on the number and complexity of procedures. Correct correction at the initial stage allows you to highlight the dignity of the face.
Shapes are selected according to the type of face, and the main goal is to give the correct oval features:
oval - combined with any shape, does not require changes;
round - a break is appropriate here, but the arcs will make the shape even more round;
triangular - curved arcs with smooth ups and downs are suitable;
rhombus, square, rectangle - they require smooth lines that bring balance, smooth out angularity.
The sketch is done in several ways. The session is carried out using different devices or by eye. It all depends on the skills of the master, which determines the cost. You need to carefully choose where to sign up for modeling if you don't want to get a low-quality result. Regarding this nuance, clients do not have to worry and feel free to book a place, because the best certified specialists work in the Diva spa center.

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Order the service of eyebrow modeling

There are enough centers where eyebrow shaping can be done, but not everywhere is there an adequate level of sanitation, and the cost is in line with the quality of the services provided. The Diva spa center on the right bank of Kiev is a real women’s paradise. Here you can book SPA treatments in all interpretations, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow modeling and many other services. There is an option not only to sign up for a spa session yourself, but also to order a gift certificate in the SPA for a friend, sister, mother, beloved man. We provide massage sessions for men and women, care manipulations at the best price in Kiev.

You can sign up for an eyebrow salon in Kiev online through a special form or by phone. Book a place is available not only to Kievites, but also to those who are passing through the capital. There is a price list on the site, in which the actual cost of SPA procedures and other services of the center is always displayed.

A visit to a beauty salon is an important part of personal care. Particular attention is required not only for the skin of the face, but also for the eyebrows. The expressiveness of the look depends on their shape, density, color. Sessions of correction, eyebrow modeling also allow you to eliminate various problems. You can order such services at a bargain price in the Diva spa salon.

Eyebrow modeling in Kiev

Eyebrow modeling - a session of procedures that include reshaping, coloring. The term is often confused with correction. The first procedure involves the creation of the shape of the eyebrows, their significant change. Eyebrow shaping is a supportive manipulation aimed at preserving design and color.

 Modeling or design of eyebrows in a SPA salon includes 3 stages:

  • eyebrow shape correction - sketch, removal of excess hairs;
  • staining;
  • finalizing.

The second manipulation is not necessary, so the client can order a correction without staining. Similarly, if you are satisfied with the existing design, there are no flaws, there is an option to sign up for staining without correction. It will be easy to book a place for a session with a suitable price using an online application, if the time for this appears during the lunch break or on the way to Kiev. By the way, you can immediately find out the cost if you use a convenient price list.

We offer an opportunity to order and pick up treatment Eyebrow modeling at fair value from 200 to 6000 UAH. Support Your body relieve stress, buy a charge good energy in Kiev. Dial by mobile phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and reserve Spa session Eyebrow modeling, specialist of a wide profile will help to fill physical harmony, restore harmony of life, balance unity of the body and harmony body in salon Diva in the center of Kyiv at 53 B. Khmelnytskoho Street. Our manager will pick up for you better service Eyebrow modeling, which to be conducted on high level at a normal price. Register on session in the Spa beauty saloon Diva.

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