SPA for hands and feet

A hand spa treatment results in intense regeneration, moisturising and smoothing, as well as improved blood circulation and skin tone.

Start of hand spa treatment

Price of spa service for hands in Kiev - from 500 UAH.

Spa procedure for hands begins with a cleansing peeling, exfoliation of dead epidermis layers. Then a massage is performed to stimulate vital points in the palm area. Areas corresponding to certain internal organs are stimulated, restoring the balance of the whole body. In addition, by stimulating the corresponding points, blood circulation is stimulated, the immune system is strengthened, muscles are relaxed and all pains are relieved. Finally, paraffin, heated to a suitable temperature, is applied to the hands.

The spa treatment of the hands is primarily recommended for people working in harsh conditions, where the hands are particularly prone to injury. It should also be used by anyone who has problems with grey and cracked skin, e.g. in winter. Eczema, mycosis and other skin diseases are contraindications to the use of spa hand treatment.

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A little luxury for tired hands

The hand spa treatment consists of a classic manicure, complemented by a bath, exfoliation, serum, mask and a relaxing massage. The skin on the hands is left smooth and moisturised.

Groomed hands are our calling card, regardless of age or gender. After all, we shake hands to greet another person, so it pays to take regular care of your hands by opting for a hand spa treatment.

In addition, this treatment is a multi-step hand care ritual which significantly improves the appearance and condition of the skin. It makes it resistant to external factors and eliminates the symptoms of chemicals used for cleaning and dishwashing or gardening.

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Spa treatment for hands, for whom

As a result, spa treatments are an excellent solution for women and men whose hands are frequently injured or cleaned. If your hands are damaged, cracked, dry or greyed out, or after sunbathing, we recommend a regular hand spa treatment. Hand care can be performed at any time of the year.

Spa hand care step by step

After questioning the client, we rinse off the nail polish and diagnose the condition of the skin and nails. The next step in the hand spa is a refreshing and relaxing hand bath. The nails are then shortened after disinfecting, shaped, and the cuticles are removed and trimmed. The next stage of the hand spa treatment is a hand exfoliation. Then rub in a nourishing serum while massaging your hands gently. The final stage of the hand spa is to apply a hand mask, occlude the hands and don terry gloves. The hand spa treatment concludes with an application of a hand cream on the skin and a nourishing serum on the nails.


Anyone with skin problems like mycosis or eczema should definitely avoid the hand spa treatment.

A hand spa treatment consists of several steps:

Interview with the client.
Dye-washing and diagnosis.
A refreshing and relaxing hand bath.
Shortening and preparation of the nail plate.
Removal and possible removal of cuticles from the nail plate.
Exfoliation of the hands.
Application of a nourishing serum and hand massage.
As a consequence, applying a hand mask, making an occlusion by putting on foil and terry gloves.
Application of hand cream and nourishing serum to the nail plate.

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Frequently asked questions about SPA for hands and feet

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