Weaving braids

Weaving braids of any complexity in our salon will help to realize an old dream and emphasize individuality

Weaving braids in the Diva salon

The price of braiding service is from 400 UAH.

An express braiding studio in Kiev will help to embody any modern trend in your hair. Do not think that braids look beautiful and effective only on long curls. On short hair, you can also embody any interesting idea. If there is not enough length for a particular hairstyle, the master can add colored strands or fake curls to the client’s hair color.

The studio is located in the SPA-salon on the right bank of Kiev on the street. B. Khmelnitsky 53.

The procedures in the salon are carried out not only for adults. There is a service for weaving children’s braids.

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Braid in the salon

The salon offers weaving of different types of braids. Among them:

  • African;
  • French or spikelet;
  • fish tail;
  • Dutch;
  • Greek;
  • harnesses;
  • boxing braids.

Afro-braids group includes different hairstyles that differ in style of performance.

  1. Braids are similar to the French braid in that the upper part fits snugly to the head. Braided elements can be arranged in patterns. The addition of colored threads, artificial strands is often practiced.
  2. Classic Afrokos - they are made as standard of three strands, but in large quantities.
  3. Senegalese - consist of 2-3 strands. They are tight bundles. They wear such hairstyles for several months.
  4. Ponytail is the main highlight of such hairstyles, the ponytails left at the bottom. They can be twisted and laid. Wearing time - 4 months.
  5. With kanekalon - made of 3 strands (one - client's hair, two - kanekalon).
  6. Zizi - the technique involves fixing artificial afro braids on your own.
  7. Mambo Twist - thick braids made in advance. Outwardly, they look like Senegalese only more voluminous.
  8. Rasta - in the technique is used knitted. His own hair is braided around him. It turns out a kind of dreadlocks.
  9. Thai - similar to braids or zizi, but performed only on natural hair.
  10. With colored threads.

The varieties of African braids can be listed for a very long time. They can be colored or solid. A French braid can be part of an evening hairstyle. Two wide French braids are perfect for a date or everyday wear. Very comfortable, like a fishtail, for school girls. They keep their shape well throughout the day. Boxing braids are similar to French braids, but are inverted. Kanekalon can be used to create them. It will add extra volume. A hairstyle can consist of two or more elements. The Greek braid is often weaved to decorate wedding, evening hairstyles, at prom. She emphasizes femininity, gives extra volume. Various elements are used for decoration in the form of beads, flowers, tiaras and other accessories. Dreadlocks differ from Afrokos in that they are woven using the harness method. If African braids can be loosened after wearing, then the dreadlocks are trimmed.

Braid prices

How much it costs to braid braids in the Diva hairdressing salon depends on the number of spikelets, the addition of artificial strands, threads, and other elements. Also, the price differs according to the type of hairstyle. Prices for hairstyles are average across Ukraine. The cost of weaving children's braids varies from 500 to 700 UAH. SPA-salon is located at the address: Kiev, st. B. Khmelnitsky 53. On the official website you can find out in advance the prices for weaving any braids. Recording is also available online. In addition to hairstyles, the salon offers beauty services, massages, body care and many other

You can with us pick up and order procedure Weaving braids from the actual cost from 400 to 6000 UAH. Update Your body relieve stress get a charge good energy in the center of Kiev. Contact us by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and sign up procedure Weaving braids, qualified approach will help restore physical harmonious unity, restore integrity of personality, balance harmony of the soul and unity skin in center diva in the center of Kyiv at 53 B. Khmelnytskoho Street. Our manager will pick up you strange service Weaving braids, which is performed on high levels at a reasonable price. Sign up on spa session site spasalon.

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  • Evening hair styling
  • 500
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  • Hair coloring
  • 600
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  • Hair toning in the salon
  • 500
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  • Hair highlighting
  • 700
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  • Weaving braids
  • 400
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  • Bio hair straightening
  • 3000
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  • 600
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  • Frequently asked questions about Weaving braids

    How do I prepare for my appointment at the Diva SPA Center?
    To prepare for your appointment at the Diva Center, you may need to follow specific instructions, such as wearing comfortable clothing or avoiding certain foods or activities.
    What are the benefits of hair removal?
    The benefits of hair removal services can include smooth skin, reduced hair growth, and more.
    What services does the Diva SPA SPA Center offer?
    The Diva Center offers a range of spa services, including massage therapy, facials, hair removal, body treatments, makeup services, nail services, eyelash services, and tanning services.
    How long does a body treatment session typically last at the Diva SPA Center?
    Body treatment sessions at the Diva Center typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


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