Nail extension gel

Gel nails are one of the most popular nail extension and decoration techniques. It is ideal for women with weak, slow-growing nails. The glue manicure gives the nails a natural look - subtle and delicate.

Glue nails - everything you need to know about them

Nail lengthening by gel 2000грн.

Accurate nails have long been an integral part of a woman's image. Many still do manicure themselves, but not every woman can boast of strong, beautifully shaped glue nails, which only need to be well polished. Those who are unlucky, can always seek the help of professionals. Although this procedure may seem like a lifesaver for owners of short and brittle nails, it has its pitfalls.

Nail extensions consist of a special material that hardens under ultraviolet light. Glue nail extensions look quite natural and have a glossy sheen. The gel itself is a natural porous material that is well breathable.

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All you need to know about gel nail extensions

First, the master of manicure prepares the nail for contact with the gel, polishes it, applies a special degreaser so that the gel adheres tightly to the nail plate. Then she applies the gel, models the shape and length, and finished nail dry under a UV lamp. After the gel has dried, the shape of the nail is corrected by polishing the surface. Finally, a colored overlay or pattern can be applied. The whole procedure of creating glue nails will take from 2 to 3 hours.

Benefits of glue nail extensions:

Elimination of fungal infections. Ultraviolet rays, under the influence of which the gel hardens, kill fungi.
Minimal polishing. Does not require additional polishing, as it lies flat on the nail.
Gloss. Glue nails have a beautiful shine even without an additional layer.
Hypoallergenic. Gel almost does not cause allergic reactions.

Caring for glue nails after painting

It is important to take care of glay nails after painting. Masters of manicure recommend using cuticle oil or a special moisturizing cream. This will help keep your nails healthy and strong and prevent the formation of burrs. Even if you don't do gel manicures, these products will help keep your nails healthy and strong.

Can ultraviolet radiation be dangerous to the skin?

The radiation that helps dry out your gel nails is ultraviolet lights. It is widely believed that excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays is harmful to humans, but they have always been a part of salon services. Fortunately, gel technology has been improved, and many brands have switched to LEDs, which have no harmful effects on the skin.

Gel Nail Correction

Correction of glue nails is carried out about two to three weeks after the build-up. During this process, some of the old material is removed and new material is applied. During the procedure, the length of the nails can be adjusted, the design can be changed, and in some cases the shape. It is worth noting that acrylic and gel combine perfectly, so it is possible to correct the nails with gel on the existing acrylic and vice versa. It is recommended not to put off a visit to the manicurist for more than three weeks. Indeed, over the course of wear, the gel nails have grown back a lot, so the design of the artificial nails has changed somewhat, and this is fraught with the risk of breakage. Perhaps in this case, the woman will need not correction, but a new nail extension.

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