A few words about Diva SPA center

We are very pleased to welcome you to the unique world of health and beauty. Diva Salon is a place for comprehensive body care. In collaboration with specialists in cosmetology, physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine we make every effort to meet the high expectations of our clients and improve their well-being and appearance.

Beauty Salon and SPA Diva

It is a place in the center of the city where you will find relaxation for your body and spirit. A large number of qualified specialists and an extensive range of procedures allow you to relax and take care of your inner and outer beauty, both for women and men, in a unique way.

The salon offers a wide range of treatments for the face and body, hand and foot care, massages, and aesthetic medicine. The holistic approach of cosmetologists makes every guest feel special, and the right interior design is a friendly place to relax.

Experienced, qualified professionals, high quality equipment and quality cosmetics-that is what the SPA center Diva. Additional guarantee of complete sterility of procedures performed allows clients to feel safe and comfortable.

Salon, decorated in subdued colors, combining the classic with a touch of the East, has a positive effect on the impression of guests. The rooms where the procedures are carried out are equipped with first-class equipment, supplemented with professional cosmetics.

Specialists for their work use only and exclusively proven cosmetic brands. In addition, the elegance and serenity in the rooms where the massage treatments or oriental ceremonies are carried out have an even greater impact on the quality of the procedures performed.

A therapy at the Diva Spa Center is not only a way to temporarily relax, it is also a chance to receive long term benefits for both body and spirit.

Welcome to our oasis of relaxation!

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When to go to Diva SPA?

Going to a spa is always a good idea. Diva SPA is a way to relax and take care of it when you want to quickly improve your appearance and deeply relax. For example, before an important event or a groundbreaking decision in life. A set of day spa treatments should also be done... Immediately after the holiday. Even if you used wellness treatments during the holiday. Thanks to this, your beauty will blossom, and your thoughts will not run away in the direction of another vacation for a long time yet.

Also, you can give others a moment of pleasure in the elegant Spa Diva. A gift certificate of any denomination for selected rituals is a great idea for an original gift for a partner, friends or company colleagues. Choose a voucher of a certain value, one of our spa packages or a set of exclusive cosmetics - in the interest of a unique aesthetic experience, we have taken care of the elegant presentation of the vouchers. By special order we prepare them individually, including writing out the ordered dedication. You can buy them in person at our spa or have them delivered to the specified address, immediately after handover.


+38 (066) 000 11 34 spadivaopera@gmail.com Kyiv, 53, А. Khmelnytskogo Str. Opera Hotel, 1st floor

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