Face lifting massage

SPA Center DIVA in Kiev offers an effective method of facial rejuvenation - manual lifting massage and modeling facial massage.

Face lifting massage in Kiev

The price for massage services is from 1500 UAH.

SPA Center DIVA in Kiev offers an effective method of facial rejuvenation, manual lifting massage and modeling facial massage. This unique technique of manual plastic surgery is similar to contour lifting, thanks to which it is possible to correct the oval of the face, smooth out irregularities, remove imperfections without resorting to surgery. The impressive result of the massage sessions you will be sure to enjoy.

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Features of the spa procedure

This is a non-invasive method that does not involve injections and operations, but only effective modeling of the oval using a lift massage.

Facial plastic massage is a thorough study of the facial muscles, relieving hypertonicity and restoring elasticity to the skin. A dull complexion will remain in the past, you can effectively work out puppet wrinkles, correct nasolabial folds, mandibular fat pack.

Manual modeling facial massage

Manual facelift at the DIVA SPA Center, Kiev, gives amazing results:

  • lifting effect, contour lifting of the face gives a noticeable tightening effect, corrected skin relief, manual contouring of the oval of the face, neck, décolleté;
  • improved blood flow, normalization of lymph flow;
  • activation of collagen synthesis;
  • healthy complexion;
  • reduction of edema, stimulation of cellular metabolism.

Modeling facial massage is often called sculptural lifting, plastic massage of the face and neck. after a complex of procedures, the depth of folds is noticeably reduced, the skin tone is leveled, superficial wrinkles are smoothed out.

Benefits of face lifting massage

The course of manual modeling facial massage creates an impressive effect of contour face lifting without the use of injections, invasive lifting, because the study is carried out at the level of the facial muscles using manual stimulation. Face lifting massage (provided that it is performed regularly) has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body:

  • there is an active saturation of tissues with dioxygen;
  • turgor, elasticity, elasticity of facial tissues are normalized;
  • puffiness, excess fat disappears;
  • the synthesis of elastin is activated.

Choosing a face lifting massage, the guests of the DIVA SPA center first of all want to get rid of nasolabials, mimic wrinkles, glabellar folds, horizontal wrinkles in the forehead area. The proper level of skill and effective result will be provided by a professional master of the DIVA Spa Center. To make the plastic, modeling, lifting facial massage enjoyable, trust the professional cosmetologists of the DIVA SPA center in the center of Kiev, who will select an individual technique, taking into account your personal characteristics, needs, age category; the price for the procedure is indicated on the website. You can sign up online for a face lifting massage on the website by filling out the feedback form or by calling the indicated phone numbers to get more detailed advice on the price, features of the massage, and possible contraindications.

A unique opportunity order and choose Spa session Face lifting massage at a reasonable price from 200 to 6000 UAH. Update how are you get rid of stress draw a charge vital mood in Kiev. Contact us free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and order Spa treatment Face lifting massage, specialist of a wide profile will help to reinforce bodily harmonious unity, restore energy balance, balance balance of the soul and balance soul in Spa center Diva street B. Khmelnytsky, 53, in the center of Kiev. Our employee will pick up you wonderful service Face lifting massage, which to be conducted on flawless level at normal cost. Leave a reservation on spa session in the Spa-beauty center Diva.

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