Body wrap and massage

Anti-cellulite body wraps and massage at the DIVA SPA are a relaxing procedure that restores the elasticity of the skin and contributes to the slimming process.

Wrapping and massage at the DIVA SPA center

The price of spa services for body wrap and massage in Kiev is from 2000 UAH.

Anti-cellulite programs are firmly established among the most popular cosmetic programs in spa and beauty salons. Highly effective treatments are anti-cellulite massage, including honey massage, and professional body wrap, which contribute to the slimming process.

The most effective procedure has proven to be honey massage, which includes manipulative techniques aimed at improving lymph circulation, preventing malfunctioning of the lymphatic system, and improving muscle tone.

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Features of the spa procedure

An integrated approach based on manual massage technique and body wrapping, which activates neuromuscular activity, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, improves innervation and metabolism, is able to reduce lipodystrophy manifestations in several procedures, and improve skin microrelief.

Features of the procedure for wrapping and massage

In combination with honey anti-cellulite massage, as well as other massage techniques, anti-cellulite wraps can be used as an independent procedure, as well as as the beginning or end of an anti-cellulite SPA program session in the DIVA salon. The wraps have a relaxing effect, normalize blood flow, improve water-salt metabolism, and promote the breakdown of fats. The composition of anti-cellulite wraps can include seaweed, honey component, plant extracts, caffeine, aromatic oils, sodium alginate, which promote the breakdown of fats, a powerful lifting effect, reduce the volume of problem areas, reduce cellulite, increase skin turgor. The specificity of the procedure involves hot and cold wrapping. During the hot procedure, the pores expand and the metabolism normalizes. The hot process is focused on fighting cellulite. Cold wrapping exposes the body to a kind of stress, because of which the skin begins to function intensively in a stressful mode, which activates its regeneration, increases oxygen saturation, and accelerates metabolic processes. Anti-cellulite body wrap combined with massage is an effective SPA procedure that is gaining popularity.

Benefits of anti-cellulite body wrap

Anti-cellulite SPA program, including professional SPA-body wrap in combination with anti-cellulite massage, is aimed at achieving the following results:

  • elimination of toxins, decay products of metabolic processes;
  • improvement of blood circulation, lymph flow;
  • restoration of skin turgor;
  • elimination of puffiness, lymphostasis;
  • saturation of the skin with nutrients;
  • obtaining a pronounced lifting effect, reducing the appearance of
  • cellulite;
  • improvement of skin microrelief.

Anti-cellulite wraps and massage at the DIVA SPA salon (Kiev) is a relaxing procedure that restores the elasticity of the skin, contributing to the process of losing weight. Professional cosmetologists of the SPA-center DIVA (Kiev) will select for you the best option for the procedure, taking into account your individual characteristics, age category, the price of anti-cellulite body wrap, massage for weight loss is indicated on the website. You can sign up online for a body wrap for cellulite, anti-cellulite, honey massage on the website by filling out the feedback form, or by calling the indicated numbers, and find out what is the cost of a body wrap in combination with a massage, as well as information regarding the price, features of the procedures, possible contraindications.

We have it possible to order and pick up Spa-session Body wrap and massage at an affordable price from 200 to 6000 UAH. Update beauty, relieve stress, buy a charge great energy in the center of Kiev. Dial by mobile phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to choose Spa service Body wrap and massage, integrated approach will help restore physiological harmony, restore harmony of life, balance balance of the soul and renewal body in beauty center diva in the center of Kiev. Our employee choose for you wonderful service Body wrap and massage, which to be executed on super professional level at a normal price. Register on service in the beauty center Diva.

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  • Body wrap and massage
  • 2000
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  • Detox body wrap and massage
  • 1500
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  • Solarium
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  • Algae wraps
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