Visage and makeup

Successfully arranged colors will help to highlight the best in appearance.

Visage and make-up at Diva salon

The price for visage and make-up is from 500 UAH.

In the very center of Kiev, there is the Diva VIP spa salon, where you can do makeup of any complexity. Famous brands of professional cosmetics are used here for make-up.

On the Diva website, you can order a consultation with a professional stylist in advance, see the prices by looking at the price list.

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Types of makeup in Diva salon

There is an option to create a full-fledged image not just in the salon, but at home. If you need a complete wedding look, there is an opportunity to use the services of not only a makeup artist, but also a hairdresser.

Each woman can change her look every day. One has only to choose the right visage. Successfully arranged colors will help to emphasize the best in appearance, and hide flaws.

TOP 5 types of salon make-up:

  1. Express makeup - very fast. Designed to emphasize the naturalness and beauty of the owner. With this approach, the makeup artist uses a minimum of decorative cosmetics. The preference is given to a natural color palette that matches the type of face.
  2. Complex make-up - unlike the previous version, it involves a thorough correction of the face oval, defects, irritations, bruises.
  3. Daytime - the main focus is on the eyes and lips. The palette is natural. Mainly pale, delicate tones. The whole look is designed for daylight. The bottom line is to hide flaws, but not give away the presence of makeup. Shadows, lipstick, blush should not stand out.
  4. Вечерний вариант — преследует цель придать загадочность, соблазнительность. Акценты на губах и глазах делают с помощью блестящих помад, накладных ресниц. Этот вариант схож с дневным, но тона используются более темные. Учитывается специфика искусственной иллюминации.
  5. Lifting - allows you to rejuvenate your face. It also uses a natural color palette, but lacks pearlescent and matte colors. All lines in such a make-up tend upward, which allows you to visually eliminate wrinkles.

Makeup artist services in a beauty salon in Kiev include different makeup styles. They are also divided into evening and daytime options, but with goals in mind. Subtypes of makeup:

  • competitive - used at various events for models, dancers, athletes;
  • solemn - this includes wedding, prom, etc .;
  • carnival - combines shocking, audacity: the main task is to create an image that stands out as much as possible against the background of the rest, bright palettes are used, a lot of accessories;
  • theatrical - helps to transform a person into the desired hero;
  • ethnic - designed to emphasize the nuances of the face, characteristic of a certain nationality or artificially give the desired effect;
  • retro - gives mystery: lips are emphasized with bright juicy red lipstick, eyes - with false eyelashes and arrows;
  • airbrush make-up - make-up artists use an airbrush to perform the technique: it does not touch the skin, but sprays the coloring composition with a light layer at a distance, the style is often used for body art photo shoots - such makeup lasts up to 18 hours;
  • toggle switch - puts emphasis on the eyebrows and eyes.

Among the services of professional makeup artists, preliminary care procedures are used to remove bags under the eyes, refresh the skin. For this, patches and masks are used.

Salon makeup benefits

It is quite difficult to make a professional salon make-up at home. The advantages of the services of the specialists of the Diva center are:

  • individual approach when choosing products for make-up;
  • the use of branded professional cosmetics, which not only masks skin imperfections, but also has a healing effect;
  • the ability to select any extraordinary image.

When choosing a make-up, hairstyle, clothing style, goals, face type and other factors must be taken into account. How much makeup will cost in Kiev depends on many nuances. The price can be negotiated individually. The cost is influenced by make-up at home or on the territory of the salon. The spa is located in Kiev on the right bank in the Opera hotel. Some of the salon services are free for those who visit Kiev on business or tour and stay at the hotel.

We recommend you sign up for Spa-treatment Visage and makeup at a reasonable price from 400 to 5000 UAH. Support the beauty of your body, get rid of fatigue find the charge great energy without leaving Kiev. Contact us free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and reserve service Visage and makeup, qualified approach will help find psychological harmonious unity, restore personality renewal, balance harmony of the body and cleaning soul in Spa center Diva in Kiev. Our administrator will prompt you difference service Visage and makeup, which is performed on masterful levels at the current price. Make a reservation on service site

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  • Day make-up service
  • 600
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  • Покраска волос
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  • Eyebrow modeling
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  • Eyelash Extensions
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  • Evening make-up
  • 800
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  • Visage and makeup
  • 500
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  • Eyebrow shaping
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  • Frequently asked questions about Visage and makeup

    Are the skin care products sold at the Diva SPA Center safe for all skin types?
    The skin care products sold at the Diva Center are formulated to address a variety of skin concerns and may include brands such as Dermalogica and SkinCeuticals.
    How often should I get a facial at the Diva SPA Center?
    The frequency of getting a facial at the Diva Center will depend on your skin type and concerns, but generally once every 4-6 weeks is recommended.
    Where is the Diva SPA SPA Center located?
    The Diva Center is located at a specific address that may vary, depending on the location.
    What are the benefits of getting a spray tan at the Diva SPA Center?
    The benefits of getting a spray tan at the Diva Center can include a natural-looking tan without the risks of sun exposure.


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