Thai massage Sabai

Thai massage differs in that its results are felt after the first session. To consolidate the result, take a course of tai sabai massage and feel lightness throughout the body.

Thai massage Sabai

Massage service price - from 2000 UAH.

Tai Sabai is a combination of classic Thai massage with oil. During the procedure, the body is first rubbed with oil, and then kneaded with elements of passive yoga.

Oil massage in the DIVA SPA allows you to work out spasms and clamps in the back to the maximum, relax the cervical spine and effectively warm up the body before stretching. Classic Thai massage is performed using fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet. During the session, the master brings your body into the desired postures. During the time that you spend in the SPA for a massage session, the body will become light, relaxed and soft. You no longer need to make an effort to sit down, stand up or bend over.

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Complex massage with oil in the DIVA SPA salon (Kiev)

A complex massage and body care gives a deeper result than a one-time procedure. If you want to quickly get rid of obsessive back pain and easily do all the usual things, rather sign up for the DIVA Spa, located on the right bank, in the very center of Kiev. Our masseurs will help you relax, release tension and stretch your body.

Combined with oil massage, a traditional treatment will be more relaxing for you. To make it even more pleasant for you to come to the SPA, we will gladly add a few drops of aromatic oils. This will give you an aromatherapy effect and lift your spirits.

Enhanced massage effect

In combination with passive Asanas, the effect of the oil will be enhanced. Whatever base the master chooses with you, it contains many vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are useful for the body. Since oil penetrates into a heated body much faster, microelements are absorbed in greater quantities. Since before the beginning of manual actions the skin is warmed up in the hands of the master, in the second part of the massage the body is more pliable. Finding biologically active points under salt deposits and muscle spasms will be much easier, which means that the procedure will be comfortable and beneficial. Thai massage differs in that its results are felt after the first session. To consolidate the result, take a course of Thai sabai massage and feel lightness throughout the body.

We offer you choose and order Spa session Thai massage Sabai at the best price from 400 to 5000 UAH. Update youth, get rid of stress get a charge excellent mood within Kyiv. Call by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to choose Spa-session Thai massage Sabai, highly qualified specialist will help find physiological harmony, restore harmony of life, balance balance of the soul and balance skin in salon Diva in Kiev. Our consultant will provide for you wonderful service Thai massage Sabai, which to be conducted on qualified level at normal cost. Register on service in the Spa-beauty saloon Diva.

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    What is the privacy policy at the Diva SPA Center?
    The privacy policy at the Diva Center ensures that your personal information is kept confidential and secure.
    How often should I schedule appointments at the Diva SPA Center?
    The frequency of appointments at the Diva Center can vary depending on the service and individual needs.
    What types of facials are offered at the Diva SPA Center?
    The types of facials offered at the Diva Center can vary and may include deep cleansing, hydrating, anti-aging, and more.
    What are the benefits of massage therapy?
    The benefits of massage therapy can include relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation, and more.


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