Womens hairstyles in the salon

Women's hairstyle is a form of styling, but more complex. It is given to hair by cutting, thinning, adding a color palette, curling, braiding.

Women's hairstyles in the Diva SPA salon

Service price - from 300 UAH.

If an important event is planned, for example, a wedding, you need a master who can create the perfect image. Hair and makeup play a major role. No standard hairdresser can provide such a service. Better to give preference to salon hairstyles.

A spa salon on the right bank in Kiev will help you create a harmonious wedding look, complete the perfect hairstyle for your prom. The SPA center also offers the services of a stylist and a make-up artist. It is possible to perform hairstyles directly in the salon or at home.

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Women's hairstyles in the Diva SPA salon
Types of women's hairstyles

Types of women's hairstyles

Women’s hairstyle is a form of styling, but more complex. It is given to hair by cutting, thinning, adding a color palette, curling, braiding. It can be created exclusively on your own hair or with artificial additions. As the latter, hairpieces, strands of different lengths and shades can be used.

In the Diva spa beauty salon, when creating a woman’s hairstyle, professional cosmetics are used for fixing that do not spoil the hair structure.

The main types of hairstyles:

  • everyday hairstyle – simple and concise, suitable for business and other daily events;
  • Wedding hairstyle;
  • evening hairstyle.
Wedding styling is selected taking into account the type, structure and length of the girl's hair. The style of the dress and the type of face are also taken into account. You should pay attention to some types of wedding hairstyles.
  1. Women's hairstyle in the Greek style - feminine and delicate styling. Execution in different versions is possible: loose flowing curls, high and medium bunches, addition of weaving. Mainly gathered at the base of the bundle to expose the shoulders and neck. Thanks to the ability to add any accessories, make bangs, fleece, you will be able to choose a Greek hairstyle for any type of face.
  2. Women's Babette hairstyle - the bun can be high (fixed at the crown) and low (located at the back of the head). A universal option. Suitable not only for a bride for a wedding, but also for a prom, evening reception, for everyday wear. Can be performed on long, medium and short hair. A bagel or hairpiece is used to add volume.
  3. Women's hairstyle bun - for a wedding ceremony, high or low volumetric buns are often made.
  4. Women's hairstyle curly curls - long curls falling down always look gentle, feminine.
  5. Women's hairstyle French weaving - braids look very beautiful. Having picked up the weaving correctly, you can visually change the contours of the face. For example, smooth waves are suitable for girls with a square type, and vertical weaves in combination with a high beam will help hide the roundness.
Evening styling is selected depending on the event, clothing style and other nuances. For medium to short hair, both casual waves and different types of bundles with appropriate accessories are suitable.

Cost of services for a woman's haircut

When visiting Kiev with the aim of going to any event, you can do any hairstyle and makeup in the Diva spa salon. The center employs a hairdresser, make-up artist, stylist. The cost for daytime, evening, cocktail makeup is from 900 to 1500 UAH. Prices for women's styling vary depending on which master performs them, as well as the complexity of the work. The hairstyle can be done by a master or Top. The price of an evening wedding hairstyle varies from 1400 to 1600 UAH. The cost of a wedding hairstyle with French braiding is 500-1000 UAH. Coloring or toning can be done if necessary. Hair and makeup for graduation in Kiev can be done at home. In total, the work will take about 3 hours. Be sure to calculate the time before the event.


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