Hair toning in the salon

Hair toning is a gentle treatment for a sophisticated appearance of your hair, emphasizing creativity and personal image

Hair tinting in the Diva salon

Hair tinting service price – from 500 UAH.

Kiev is not only the cultural and administrative center of Ukraine. Here is the Diva SPA salon, which provides professional services of a different spectrum. The center also has a hairdresser, where you can perform professional toning, painting of any complexity, make a haircut or styling.

The spa is located on the right bank of Kiev, on the first floor of the Opera Hotel.

How much hair toning in a beauty salon will cost you can find out in advance on the official website. There is also a stylist at the Diva Spa. He will help you choose the perfect option on an individual basis.

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Hair tinting in the Diva salon
Types, features and benefits of toning

Types, features and benefits of toning

Hair tinting is a gentle type of coloring. To implement the technique, special dye compositions without ammonia are used, which are fixed on the surface of the strands. The dye does not damage the hair structure. It is completely harmless. It is quickly washed off, which allows you to often change the color of the curls. It is especially convenient if you need to change the image for a short time, but for a thematic event.

When deciding to tint your hair or dye it, it is worth considering all the advantages of the method. Among the pluses it should be noted:
  • complete preservation of the structure of curls;
  • the possibility of applying on curls of any type - suitable even for thin and weakened hair;
  • the appearance of a natural shine;
  • the ability to tint gray hair and remove the yellow tint when dyed in blond;
  • obtaining additional care due to the content of vitamin complexes and natural ingredients in the coloring composition.
The price of hair toning in the salon depends on the type of procedure. They differ in the duration of the color retention used by the means. There are 4 main types of professional hair tinting.
  1. Intense — lasts longer. For implementation, agents containing oxidizing elements are used. The effect can last for several months.
  2. Express toning - used to add color intensity to already colored hair.
  3. Gentle - retains color for 2-4 weeks.
  4. Light - lasts until the first shampooing.
If the curls are badly damaged, then before toning the hair in a beauty salon, you should undergo medical procedures. They can also be ordered from the Diva Center. The peculiarity of the procedure is that it is more suitable for blondes. If the hair is already dyed, it can be tinted in ashy, beige. In general, any shade will fall on a white tone. Girls who have naturally light brown and red hair may not carry out preliminary dyeing, but experiment with tone. Dark hair is harder to tint. For this type, the express method is often used to "refresh" and give depth to an existing color. It will be possible to give a chocolate, chestnut or golden hue. To lighten the tone of some strands, you will have to first dye.

Features of care for tinted curls

How much hair toning at the Diva spa hairdressing salon will cost depends on the type of procedure chosen, the length of the hair. Available in Kydra with Ales, Joico and Wella oils. The cost of the first, depending on the length, varies from 1200 to 2000 UAH, the second - 1000-1500 UAH. More precisely, the prices can be found out directly at the meeting with the master. Caring for curls after toning is not difficult. It involves the use of professional shampoos, masks and other cosmetics. To maintain color once a week, you can use a tinted shampoo or add a couple of drops of toner to your usual shampoo.


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