Women's haircut in Kiev

A fashionable haircut can highlight the individuality of any woman. A correctly chosen style will help to correct the oval of the face and hide imperfections.

Women's haircuts in the Diva salon

The price of spa services is from 300 UAH.

A fashionable haircut can highlight the individuality of any woman. A correctly chosen style will help to correct the oval of the face and hide imperfections.

No ordinary hairdressing salon can compare with what is offered to you at the Diva Spa on the right bank of Kiev. Here, experienced specialists will help you not only choose fashionable cool haircuts for any hair length, but also professional care.

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Women's haircuts in the Diva salon
Individual haircut is the key to success

Individual haircut is the key to success

In the SPA-salon, not only Kiev women can receive the full range of services, but also the fair sex who visit Kiev for work or just travel. This is very convenient, because here, in addition to haircuts, you can make styling for any event, go for a massage or a solarium.

Fashion model haircuts

This season, youth model haircuts that emphasize naturalness and femininity are in demand. At the peak of popularity of the square. It looks lively, adds volume. Helps to soften the contours of the face. Suitable for everyone, without exception. Pay attention to the top 8 main types of women's model haircuts:
  1. Model Pixie haircut - this hairstyle should be chosen by the owners of the ideal face oval, it is short enough, gives the owner an elf-like appearance, emphasizing the lines.
  2. Model haircut Bob - for short and medium length hair. Differs in practicality. It can be performed in different versions in order to adapt to any type of face. For example, elongated strands will help hide the fullness of your cheeks.
  3. Model haircut Bob-caret is a voluminous, not too short hairstyle that combines two styles.
  4. Model haircut Long Bob - simple harmonious hairstyle. Very easy to fit, looks stylish. Suitable for all ages.
  5. Model haircut A cascade haircut for long and short hair is an invariable classic that will suit everyone without exception. Gives volume. Easy to fit. Ideal for those who want to divert attention away from the nose. This model focuses on the eyes and lips.
  6. Model haircut Asymmetrical models are suitable for everyone, without exception. The asymmetry effect is achieved due to different lengths of strands or oblique bangs.
  7. Model haircut The classic ladder is another versatile option. Due to the steppedness in the front part, it is possible to obtain a coherent, harmonious, feminine image.
  8. Model haircut Fox tail is a great option for heavy long and medium hair. Looks feminine and expensive.
In Kiev, you can make not only stylish classic model women's haircuts, but also creative ones. The Diva Spa offers the following options:
  • hairstyles with shaved temples - suitable for a round, oval face, thick hair;
  • model haircut - female mohawk - ideal for an oval face with prominent cheekbones, looks more extravagant with patterns on shaved temples;
  • model haircut - extremely short hairstyle - will suit the owners of the ideal head shape, looks great with crazy coloring.
Spa Diva offers more than just a haircut. Here you can trim the ends, trim the bangs. By the way, with the help of bangs, you can make a fashionable haircut from a classic, a youth haircut, or hide certain flaws.

What determines the price of a women's haircut?

How much a fashionable women's haircut costs depends on several factors. Prices for women's hairstyles will differ when done for short and medium lengths. The price of a model women's haircut also depends on which master performs it. They fall into 2 categories:
  • an ordinary master;
  • top master.
They differ in experience and skill level. The cost of a woman's haircut service from a master is 900 UAH, from Top - 1100 UAH. Correction of the hairstyle, model haircut of the bangs, respectively, costs 500 and 700 UAH. When visiting Kiev, do not forget to look into the Diva spa salon. There is a wide range of spa services.


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