Hair coloring in the salon

Hair coloring is immensely popular among women of all ages. Choosing the right color, you can radically change your image.

Hair coloring in a beauty salon

Service price – from 600 UAH.

Hair coloring is immensely popular among women of all ages. Choosing the right color, you can radically change your image.

If you do not know where to dye your hair in Kiev, contact the Diva Spa. The hairdressing salon can offer you a variety of services: from haircuts to extreme dyeing and hair treatment. The SPA-salon is located on the right bank of Kiev, in its very center.

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Hair coloring in a beauty salon
Varieties of salon coloring

Varieties of salon coloring

One of the most popular techniques is highlighting. With this color, several tones are used that are lighter than natural hair. Thanks to the precise selection of shades, it is possible to create the effect of a beautiful iridescence.

Coloring is a technique similar to the previous one, but includes more colors. There can be from 4 to 15. Horizontal and vertical coloring is practiced.

The beauty salon also offers an ombre painting option. The technique involves a combination of two colors smoothly passing into each other. There is a staining option where the ends are lightened, and the roots are made in a darker color. It may be the other way around. The third option involves the use of multiple tones. Ombre painting is suitable for any length. However, it looks best on long curls. A subspecies of this technique is a sombre with a more natural transition. Blond coloring is also very popular. Assumes lightening by 2-3 tones. In this variant, the coloring of the roots is not carried out. The tone is applied to the middle and ends. There is also a second technique, which involves painting over the roots and the central part. For clarification, the salons offer to use the mazhimesh technique. This is a gentle lightening using natural remedies. Suitable for girls with natural blond hair color. Hair tinting is an alternative to dyeing curls. Good because it rinses off quickly. This allows for frequent color changes. This method is especially popular among young people. Toning also allows you to remove yellowness from blond-dyed hair, giving it an ashy or trendy pinkish tint. Solid hair colors are the most popular in the world. They are used when changing the image, to eliminate gray hair, color alignment. Hair coloring - Shatush is a technique that gives the effect of burnt-out strands. The main advantage of hair dyeing is that you do not need to repeat the procedure often. The overgrown roots look natural thanks to the special toning technique. The airtouch technique gives a similar effect. Other popular hair coloring techniques:
  • balayazh;
  • elumination;
  • degradation;
  • 3D;
Extraordinary fashionistas will love the technique of color madness. It involves painting in the most incredible colors: bright yellow, emerald, blue. Hair dyed using this technique looks bright. You can choose one tone or several at once. Coloring only the ends looks impressive.

The cost of salon hair coloring

How much it costs to dye your hair in a salon depends on how complex it is. Prices range from 1100 to 2200 UAH. Highest elumination cost. The procedure involves not only staining, but also the application of a special medicinal composition. Additionally, at the request of the client, a haircut can be carried out during coloring. It is possible to order an additional service of applying a regenerating mask. The price will also depend on the number of additional procedures. When visiting the center of Ukraine Kiev, be sure to come to the Diva salon.


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