Algae wraps

The result of skin healing is noticeable immediately after the first procedure: the skin is soft, without spots and inflammations, velvety to the touch, cracks disappear.

Algal wraps in Kiev

The price of spa services - seaweed wraps - from 1800 UAH.

One of the popular body treatments recommended by most cosmetologists is algal wrap. This rejuvenating, restorative manipulation restores youthfulness to the skin, making it soft, smooth and silky.

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Algal wraps in Kiev
Algae wraps spa salon Diva

Algae wraps spa salon Diva

In the Kiev SPA center DIVA, a session is carried out according to modern technologies, but based on ancient traditions, because the procedure came to us from time immemorial. Warm baths are equally useful and popular among women and men. The price of a seaweed wrap session in Kiev is absolutely affordable, while at an affordable cost your skin will receive the highest quality care.

The effectiveness of the seaweed wrap

Algae wrap is a gentle and pleasant procedure using only natural ingredients. Combines therapeutic and aesthetic effects, saturates the skin with minerals and vitamins, affects the cellulite zones and makes the skin fresh, elastic and firm. We present two types of seaweed wrap:
  • micronized Laminaria algae wrap;
  • wrapping with micronized Fucus algae.
Positive effects of the procedure:
  • body shaping;
  • cellulite prevention;
  • saturation of the skin with vitamins and macro- and microelements;
  • removal of puffiness;
  • general strengthening effect.


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