Thai herbal massage

Thai massages are renowned for their unusual approach and incredible results.

Thai body massage with herbal bags

Massage service price - from 2000 UAH.

Thai massages are renowned for their unusual approach and incredible results. One of these procedures is massage with herbal bags. During the session, the master will gently work the body with the help of special herbal bags. This procedure is aimed at general improvement, as well as enhancing the effect of the massage with the healing properties of herbs.

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Thai body massage with herbal bags
Thai herbal facial massage at DIVA SPA

Thai herbal facial massage at DIVA SPA

Hot bags of herbs are used for strong heating and are used in places on the body where the hands of the master are not enough. Most often, with their help, they warm up and work out the clamps in the back and neck. The touch of a hot, steamed herbal bag helps to avoid the feeling of soreness in the back the day after the procedure. It is possible to warm up the desired part of the body with a bag faster, since under the influence of heat, the muscles weaken and unclench. At this time, the masseur will reach the desired points with his hands and relieve the spasm. The result will be noticeable after the first session.

Thais have been using herb bags for a long time. To enhance the effect of the massage, use herbal bags. According to Thais, all useful and healing substances from herbs penetrate into the human body and have a beneficial effect on his well-being.

Before starting the procedure, the herbs are heated with steam or in hot water. During this time, the master will cleanse your face. When the herbal bags are ready, they are applied to the acupuncture areas and passed along the massage lines. Thus, the oval of the face is warmed up with an effect on biologically active points. Since there are quite a few of them on the face, facial massage with herbs has a beneficial effect on the work of the whole body.

Herbal massage action

Various herbs are used to perform the massage. We select only hypoallergenic plants for massage. Even allergy sufferers can come to the procedure in the DIVA SPA salon, located on the Right Bank of Kiev. Most often used for the procedure are patchouli, rosemary, lemongrass, rose, lavender. You can also add a drop of aroma oil to the herbal mixture to transform your relaxation session into a stunning aromatherapy.


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