Sports massage in Kiev

Sports massage in the SPA center is a thorough study of the muscles of the body, back, legs, arms, relieving muscle hypertonicity, restoring skin elasticity.

Sports massage at the DIVA SPA center

The price of sports massage massage – from 1500 UAH.

Intense training overloads muscle tissue and joints of the musculoskeletal system, as a result of which they are in constant tension. Motor activity becomes constrained, fatigue and muscle tension can be felt in the body for a long time. A special massage technique is capable of relieving such symptoms, which restores working capacity, activity to muscles, relieves pain, relieves fatigue, significantly increases physical endurance, which has a beneficial effect on further training, sports activities. A special massage is indicated for athletes to improve sports performance, reduce injuries, and quickly recover after physical exertion.

Sports massage of the body, back, legs, arms is a whole program of various techniques, manipulative techniques aimed at reducing tension and pain symptoms, aimed at helping in the treatment of sprains, injuries sustained during serious sports activities.

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Sports massage at the DIVA SPA center
Effects of massage on the body

Effects of massage on the body

Recreational sports massage is performed using special massage techniques, has a beneficial effect on muscle tissue, restores the functionality of joints and ligaments. The action of manipulative techniques is based on the expansion of blood vessels, improvement of blood supply, metabolism at the cellular level, normalizes the functioning of the holocrine glands of external secretion, stimulates lymph flow, saturates tissues with oxygen.

Sports massage in the SPA-center DIVA (Kiev) is a thorough study of the muscles of the body, back, legs, arms, relieving muscle hypertonicity, restoring skin elasticity. A sports masseur effectively works the muscles of the arms and legs, warms up the muscles of the back, shoulder, collar zone, relieves pain symptoms.

The main types of sports massage

There are the following types of sports massage:
  • training - used to improve stretching, elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus, muscle relaxation;
  • pre-start, warm-up - used before important competitions, trainings; calming - passes at a slow pace;
  • tonic - performed at a fast pace;
  • warming up, improving blood circulation in working muscles - performed at an intense pace;
  • restorative - used after intense workouts.
All types of sports massage are aimed at achieving the maximum possible results, reduce the syndrome of delayed muscle pain, prevent sports injuries, and promote rapid recovery.

Benefits of sports massage

The course of sports massage helps to increase endurance, increase strength indicators, because a deep study is carried out at the level of the muscles of the body with the help of manual stimulation. Sports massage in the spa salon, provided that it is performed on time, has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body:
  • tissues are more actively saturated with oxygen; turgor, skin elasticity is normalized;
  • there is a healing effect with a lymphatic drainage effect;
  • conduction of nerve impulses improves.
For sports massage to bring you real pleasure, trust the professional masseurs of the DIVA SPA center on the Right Bank of Kiev, who will select an individual technique, taking into account your personal characteristics, sport, age category; the price of sports massage is indicated on the website. You can sign up online for a sports massage by filling out the feedback form or by calling the phones indicated on the website to find out information regarding the cost of body massage, possible contraindications.


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