Sports massage

Sports massage in the SPA-center is a thorough study of the muscles of the body, back, legs, arms, relieves muscle hypertonia, restores skin elasticity.

Sports massage in Kiev

The price of a spa massage massage service in Kiev is from UAH 1,500.

Intense training puts too much strain on the muscle tissue and joints of the musculoskeletal system, as a result of which they are in constant tension. Motor activity becomes stiff, fatigue and muscle tension can be felt in the body for a long time. A special massage technique is able to relieve such symptoms, which restores efficiency, muscle activity, relieves pain, relieves fatigue, significantly increases physical endurance, which has a beneficial effect on further training, sports. A special massage is shown to athletes to improve athletic performance, reduce injuries, and recover quickly after exercise.

Sports massage of the body, back, legs, arms – a whole program of various techniques, manipulative techniques aimed at reducing stress and pain, aimed at helping in the treatment of sprains, injuries received during serious sports.

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забронировать спа услуги общего классический массаж всего тела в Киеве спа салон Дива (Diva)

Sports massage

Restorative sports massage is performed with the help of special massage techniques, has a beneficial effect on muscle tissue, restores the functionality of joints and ligaments. The action of manipulative techniques is based on the expansion of blood vessels, improving blood supply, metabolism at the cellular level, normalizes the functioning of the holocrine glands of external secretion, stimulates lymph flow, saturates tissues with oxygen.

Sports massage in the SPA-center DIVA (Kiev) is a thorough study of the muscles of the body, back, legs, arms, relieves muscle hypertonia, restores skin elasticity. Sports masseur effectively works the muscles of the arms, legs, warms the muscles of the back, shoulders, collar area, relieves pain.

We have it possible pick up and order Spa-service Sports massage at a good price from 400 to 5000 UAH. Support well-being, relieve fatigue draw a charge vital mood without leaving Kiev. Contact us free by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and to pick up Spa treatment Sports massage, qualified approach will help tone up physiological harmony, restore fullness of life, balance balance of the soul and balance body in beauty center Diva in Kiev. Our manager will pick up for you wonderful service Sports massage, which is performed on professional levels at a normal price. Leave a request on service in the Spa beauty center Diva.

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