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Cosmetological procedures for the whole body improve health by activating metabolic processes and increase skin tone

Salon body care at the Diva center

The price of spa services is from 400 UAH.

Cosmetological procedures for the whole body can improve health by activating metabolic processes, increase skin tone, which improves its appearance, remove cellulite – the effect is achieved faster when combined with physical activity and proper nutrition, and increases the skin’s resistance to external stimuli. Cosmetic spa programs for the body and individual procedures in Kiev can be done in the Diva salon.

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Salon body care at the Diva center
The main types of body care procedures

The main types of body care procedures

Body spa treatments are divided into 4 large groups.

  • Preparatory – aimed at improving blood flow. Helps reduce body fat.
  • Lymphatic drainage – help to reduce puffiness, remove excess fluid, toxins.
  • Lipolytic – stimulate the breakdown of fat.
  • Corrective – designed to tone the muscles. They help to improve skin tone, tighten wrinkles.
Each of the groups includes several types of techniques. Each specific procedure or their complex is prescribed after consultation with a cosmetologist. It is selected depending on the condition of the dermis, the presence of concomitant problems, chronic diseases. You can get acquainted with the prices for services in the price list on the website. But the final cost can be found out only after consultation. There are five of the most popular body care services.
  1. Face and body peels - there are mechanical, chemical, hardware. The first option is most often used, the third is used for serious problems. Peeling is designed to remove the upper stratum corneum of the skin in order to increase its susceptibility to the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Most often, the procedure is a preparation for the application of a regenerating, moisturizing or rejuvenating composition.
  2. Wraps are hot and cold. To achieve a certain effect, algae, honey, chocolate, clay and other natural ingredients can be used.
  3. Massage - there are many techniques for performing. The most popular options: Balinese, manual, Ayurvedic, hardware, vacuum, stone therapy, anti-cellulite.
  4. Injection techniques - mesotherapy, ozone therapy. After such events, the result is on the face almost immediately after application.
  5. Myostimulation - passive charging, when plates are applied to the body, stimulating muscle contraction.
Paraffin therapy is a fashionable body care procedure in the salons. One of the types of wraps using molten paraffin wax.

Prices for spa programs

Spa treatments can be applied to the entire body or to a specific area. The salon has various comprehensive programs that include a wide range of procedures. They differ in cost, the number of manipulations, and the means used.
  1. Moisturizing and toning. Includes peeling with sea salt, massage with serum and aromatic components, application of a firming, modeling gel. The complex costs UAH 2500.
  2. Smooth silk. This option uses a full body peeling with amino acids with a gentle massage, followed by the application of a tonic composition. The price of such a service is UAH 2200.
  3. Perfect silhouette. Includes a firming massage using almond oil, application of a liposome cream with a modeling effect. The cost is 2500 UAH.
Arriving in Kiev, be sure to visit the Ayurvedic rituals in the Diva salon. Here cosmetology is intertwined with ancient knowledge. After such a procedure, the client feels refreshed and rested.


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