Back massage

All types of back massage are aimed at relaxing muscles, eliminating fatigue, pain, helping to cope with increased irritability, and soothing.

Classic back massage at the DIVA SPA center

The price for a back massage is from 1200 UAH.

Professional back massage is a set of techniques for manual impact on the skin, back muscles. Massage is able to relieve tension in the muscles of the back and neck, improve their blood supply, and increase elasticity. The action of manipulative techniques is based on the expansion of blood vessels, improvement of blood flow, metabolism at the cellular level, normalizes the functioning of the holocrine glands of external secretion, stimulates lymph flow, saturates tissues with oxygen.

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Classic back massage at the DIVA SPA center
Features of the procedure

Features of the procedure

Classic back massage is especially useful for people who spend a lot of time in front of the monitor during the working day, lead a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. It is very easy to make a useful gift – purchase classic back massage sessions at the DIVA SPA center.

Back massage in the SPA-center DIVA (Kiev) is a thorough, deep study of the back muscles, relieves muscle hypertonia, eliminates pain symptoms, restoring skin elasticity. A professional massage therapist will effectively work, warm up the muscles of the back, shoulder scapula, collar zone, relieve unpleasant sensations.

The main types of back massage

To effectively perform a back massage, you need to find out the purpose of the session. There are the following types of back massage:
  • medicinal. It is used for diseases of the spinal column, other disorders;
  • relaxing. The currently demanded type of massage, which relieves muscle tension, increases blood circulation, increases the body's defenses and improves skin condition;
  • reflex. Has a pronounced analgesic effect;
  • sports. A special massage is performed for athletes to improve sports performance, reduce injuries, and quickly recover after physical exertion. It is used after and before training to relieve muscle tension. Increases endurance .;
All types of back massage are aimed at relaxing muscles, eliminating fatigue, pain, helping to cope with increased irritability, and soothing. Thanks to the massage, metabolism at the cellular level and blood circulation are improved. Back massage is indicated for functional disorders, diseases of the spinal column.

Benefits of back massage at the DIVA SPA center on the Right Bank of Kiev

A back massage session in our SPA salon, provided that it is performed regularly, has a favorable effect on the general condition of the body:
  • congestion in the muscles disappears;
  • tissues are more actively saturated with oxygen;
  • turgor, skin elasticity is normalized;
  • has a healing effect with lymphatic drainage effect;
  • conduction of nerve impulses improves;
  • muscle spasms and blocks disappear.
For a back and neck massage to give you real relaxing pleasure, trust the professional masseurs of the DIVA SPA center on the Right Bank of Kiev, who will select an individual technique, taking into account your personal characteristics, age category, the price of back and neck massage is indicated on the website. You can sign up online for a back massage session on the website of the DIVA SPA center (Kiev) by filling out the feedback form or by calling the phone numbers indicated on the website to find out how much it costs, what is the cost of a back and neck massage session. SPA-center DIVA has created all the conditions for a full, relaxing premium vacation. A visit to the spa will strengthen your health, relieve nervous tension, and charge you with positive emotions.


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