Hand massage in Kiev

Hands are one of the busiest parts of the body, they do a lot of work every day.

Hand massage

Massage service price – from 600 UAH.

Hands are one of the most loaded parts of the body, it is they who do a lot of work every day. Heavy loads and lack of proper rest often lead to numbness, a feeling of soreness, the development of joint diseases such as arthrosis or arthritis. At the same time, the general well-being worsens, since there are a lot of nerve endings connected with other organs and nodes on the hands. Elementary massage of fingers, hands, hands will help to restore mood, vivacity.

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Hand massage
Features of the hand massage service

Features of the hand massage service

On the hands there are many sensitive nerve receptors, stimulating which, you can affect the digestive system, the cardiovascular and genitourinary system, and the brain. Biologically active points are located on the fingers – by acting on them, you can improve your health and simply improve your well-being. SPA-salon DIVA in Kiev offers acupressure massage for hands and fingers and restorative – after a broken arm, the price is specified with the administrator.

SPA procedures

A broken arm or hand is a painful and unpleasant thing, especially since it limits a person in many actions. To get such an injury is quite simple: you can slip into ice or catch on something and fall. That is why a professional massage is needed to restore functions, it is advisable to do it in a salon or a medical office. A layperson can do harm by exacerbating the injury. Massage after a fracture on the hands has a beneficial effect:
  • improves the function of blood circulation in the injured limb;
  • normalizes the metabolism and fluids, improving their inflow / outflow;
  • restores joint mobility and warms up muscles.
Acupressure massage of fingers and hands helps:
  • eliminate joint pain;
  • recover;
  • calm the nervous system, normalize sleep;
  • relieve migraines;
  • will improve overall well-being.
Our specialists will carefully and professionally conduct a health-improving session, a relaxing massage, in accordance with your wishes.

Massage procedures in the spa salon DIVA

Our SPA center is located on the right bank of Kiev in a calm and quiet place of the city. We have a relaxing atmosphere and a friendly team of professionals. Cosmetologists and massage therapists have been trained in Europe and are certified specialists in their field. The master practices an individual approach to each client. Not a single procedure will begin without finding out the details of your health condition, selecting the right products for you. Before signing up for the procedure, you can get an exhaustive telephone consultation on issues of interest to you. Contact phone numbers are available on the DIVA SPA-salon website.


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