Manicure in Kiev

Professional manicure is done by the best masters, an unforgettable experience both during and after.

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Kiev manicure studio can offer:

  • female, male manicure;
  • removing gel polish;
  • coating with gel polish;
  • express manicure, which means removing varnish, shaping, applying a nourishing cream;
  • OPI, CND coverage and french;
  • shape correction;
  • French;
  • healing procedures;
  • modeling with medical gel;
  • classic and sophisticated design.

Diva manicure salon in Kiev is a high-quality service, where you can also order a spa for hands. For example, paraffin therapy service, massage.

All instruments for work are thoroughly sterilized. The manicure studio in Kiev is located in a separate room, as required by sanitary standards.

Manicure does not mask problems, but allows you to solve them, giving your hands a well-groomed, healthy look. Hygienic treatment of the skin around the nail plates, the use of vitamin formulations, baths – all this allows you to avoid the appearance of burrs, brittle nails, their delamination, ingrowth.

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The cost of manicure in Kiev

The cost of manicure in Kiev

Do not think that prices for manicure in Kiev will be out of reach for a common man in the street. Salon Diva provides its services to everyone.

Inexpensive manicure in Kiev in a salon with a 5-star service is a reality. You can go to the official website and take a look at the price list. It shows the current prices in Kiev for manicure, shellac coating, treatment, design, as well as the time it will take for the master to complete the work.

Prices for manicure in the city of Kiev vary from 50 to 600 UAH. depending on the complexity of the task, the materials used. In time, a manicure in Pechersk in Kiev takes from 15 to 45 minutes.

The salon is located in the very center of Kiev, on the street. B. Khmelnitsky 53, and you can easily find this area to get a manicure. Recording is available by phone and online. For a virtual appointment, you need to fill out the form on the website. After that the administrator will call you back.

Manicure is a procedure that allows you to take care of nails and hands, because this part of the body often suffers from negative external factors, which does not affect the appearance in the best way. You can get a manicure in Kiev in many centers. The choice of an institution that provides services should be approached consciously, because the work of an inexperienced, careless person can turn into serious problems. For example, non-compliance with sanitary standards can cause infection with fungus or hepatitis. When choosing a manicure studio in Kiev, pay attention to the experience of the masters. Always be interested in what tools, means they work with. In good salons, manicure design is carried out by professional means. The list of services is important. The wider the assortment, the more chances the client has to get the desired result. High-quality manicure on Podil in Kiev can be offered by the Diva salon. The best specialists with extensive experience work here. The salon offers manicure for women, men and children, and not only for residents of the city of Kiev, but also for visitors. Having visited the center once, you will want to return to Kiev for a manicure again.


+38 (066) 000 11 34 Kyiv, 53, B. Khmelnytskogo Str.
Opera Hotel, 1st floor

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