Facial cosmetology in the SPA-salon

Salon professional cosmetology allows you not to resort to surgical intervention in order to eliminate defects or wrinkles.

Facial cosmetology in Diva salon

The price for the service is from 400 UAH.

Kiev is the place where the best cosmetology center for cleansing and facial care is located. SPA-salon Diva is located on the right bank of Kiev in the Opera hotel.

Salon professional cosmetology allows you not to resort to surgical intervention in order to eliminate defects or wrinkles. A correctly selected set of procedures gives an excellent effect. The main thing is to strictly adhere to regularity.

SPA-salon Diva offers the best prices in Kiev for high-quality cosmetic procedures.

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Facial cosmetology in Diva salon
Types of spa treatments

Types of spa treatments

There are the following types of cosmetology procedures:

  • hardware – allows you to eliminate problems at very deep levels;
  • therapeutic – combines a range of services, is used to eliminate medical problems – scars, neoplasms, etc.;
  • aesthetic – designed to eliminate highly noticeable defects, for example, moles, acne, hair over the upper lip, etc.
Each type includes a variety of techniques. Hardware cosmetology involves exposure to special devices. Salons most often offer just such a procedure in difficult cases, because it is painless and the effect is very fast. Electrical appliances are used to improve skin tone, smooth wrinkles and eliminate acne. Among the procedures with such devices:
  • darsonvalization;
  • galvanotherapy;
The facial cleansing procedure can also be performed using the hardware method. For this, ultrasound, brossage, vacuum action, microdermabrasion, thermolifting are used. Aesthetic facial cosmetology includes 3 types of procedures.
  1. Mechanical cleaning - helps to remove impurities from the pores. It is recommended to carry out the procedure at least 2 times a year. The process is painless. However, after it, redness on the face lasts for some time. But then, the skin acquires a healthy pink tint.
  2. Injection procedures - mesotherapy, contour plastics, botox. They allow you to remove wrinkles, to make the lip contour higher, to give them volume.
  3. Facial skin care - massage, masks, oils, etc.
The cost of any service depends on the duration of the course of procedures. Certain problems may require more than one visit to resolve. The price also depends on whether a single procedure is used or a whole complex.

Complex spa programs in the Diva

A noticeable improvement in the condition of the skin of the face can be obtained using combined programs that include several procedures at once. Professional facial cosmetology includes the following programs:
  • Gisele Delorme - there are several options with a combination of
  • different procedures;
  • Detox treatments and peels Dr. Schrammek
  • Anti-aging treatments from Phyris.
The salon offers different types of facial massages:
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • Spanish chiromassage;
  • lifting care + facial massage;
  • Gua Sha;
  • Hollywood lifting;
  • classical.
When buying a course of massage for the face from 8 procedures, clients receive a 20% discount. In general, any program consists of makeup remover and cleansing, massage with serum or other cosmetic product according to the type of skin and its condition, peeling, mask, then cream according to the type and condition of the skin. Depending on the chosen program and the goal, the means change, but the sequence remains approximately the same.


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