It is possible to make sugaring of a zone of a deep bikini in Kiev, having addressed in DIVA SPA salon

Advantages and disadvantages of sugar depilation

Depilation with sugar paste has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • the relatively low cost of the procedure makes it accessible to almost everyone;
  • moderate soreness allows for shugaring of the intimate area, where the sensitivity of the skin is highest;
  • sugar paste, unlike hot wax, has room temperature, which prevents the possibility of burns;
  • with the help of bikini line shugaring, even those hairs that have just begun to grow can be removed;
  • regular depilation with sugar paste thinns the hairs and slows down their further growth.Unlike epilation of the bikini area, shugaring does not destroy the follicle, and the hairs grow back after a certain period of time.

But, the effect of smooth skin lasts much longer than, for example, from razors or depilatory creams.There are practically no drawbacks to deep bikini shugaring. Sometimes irritation and itching may appear.

This is due to some physiological characteristics of the skin or individual intolerance to the components of sugar paste. Also, one of the side effects of deep shugaring of the bikini area can be the appearance of ingrown hairs.

In order to avoid any undesirable consequences of deep bikini zone shugaring in Kiev, it is better to contact the specialists of the DIVA SPA salon.

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Advantages and disadvantages of sugar depilation
Depilation in the spa salon

Depilation in the spa salon

First of all, I would like to note the fact that the preparation of sugar paste at home can be carried out in violation of the rules of technology. In addition, you need to adhere to the requirements regarding the concentration of depilation products. For example, it is not recommended to carry out shugaring in the bikini area with a paste intended for armpits or legs.

Removing depilatory products requires certain skills, so you cannot apply the same technique on all parts of the body. For example, such a method of hair removal as high-speed bikini sugaring cannot be performed at home. Only a professional craftsman knows in which direction to remove hairs so as not to harm the sensitive skin of the intimate area.

An unprofessional at-home procedure for shugaring the bikini zone causes microtraumas, the appearance of foci of inflammation and ingrown hairs. Skin lesions in combination with improper post-depilation care can even lead to infection of the intimate area and the appearance of painful pustules.

In order not to harm your health, it is better to always seek professional help. Residents of Kiev can do deep bikini shugaring in the DIVA SPA salon.

Sugaring is the removal of unwanted body hair using sugar paste. The procedure is best done in the salon, as it requires certain knowledge and skills. If we are talking about bikini shugaring with a deep method, then in this case you definitely cannot do without the help of an experienced specialist.

In the deep bikini zone, shugaring involves the removal of hair from the pubis, the genital area, around the anus and on the inner thighs. Therefore, it is better not to carry out this type of depilation on your own.

You can make a deep bikini zone shugaring in Kiev by contacting the DIVA SPA salon. Here, each client is guaranteed to rely on quality service from certified masters who specialize not only in sugar depilation, but also in other body care procedures. The price of shugaring a bikini zone in Kiev depends on the type of procedure and the degree of its complexity.


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