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Our advantages

DIVA SPA is a quiet corner in the very center of the city. A place where peace, tranquility and harmony reign, where they know how to surprise and where they leave with a smile and shining eyes. The status of a five-star hotel sets the standard for service and variety of treatments. We are ready to satisfy the taste of the most demanding guest. We provide services of European and Thai massage, Ayurvedic procedures for body and face care. We value time and offer to combine several services - haircut, coloring, make-up and manicure.

SPA body treatments

Thai traditional massage

The impact on the legs and feet is not just a massage with relaxation, improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow.

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Thai massage Sabai

Thai massage differs in that its results are felt after the first session. To consolidate the result, take a course of tai sabai massage and feel lightness throughout the body.

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Thai massage in Kiev

Thai massage is a combination of several unique manipulative techniques: rhythmic manipulations in Thai, pressure point, twisting movements, stretching, activating energy channels.

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SPA services for the face

Visage and makeup in Kiev

Successfully arranged colors will help to highlight the best in appearance

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SPA facial

Correctly selected procedures for facial skin care are the key to preserving youth, health and beauty for many years.

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Pedicure in Diva salon

Professional pedicure is done by the best masters, an unforgettable experience both during and after.

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SPA hair care

Women’s styling in Kiev

Fascinating hair styling from the best spa specialists, using only the best products and tools for a high result

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Women’s hairstyle in the salon

Women's hairstyle is a form of styling, but more complex. It is given to hair by cutting, thinning, adding a color palette, curling, braiding.

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Women’s haircut in Kiev

A fashionable haircut can highlight the individuality of any woman. A correctly chosen style will help to correct the oval of the face and hide imperfections.

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Marina Nepomnyashchaya, lead stylist

DIVA SPA is a quiet corner in the city center. Where we offer an individual approach to clients, and here you can get much more than you expect. Just come for haircuts, spa treatments and hair care. Plus clear your thoughts and put your phone aside, just focus on yourself, on your goals, aesthetically aware of yourself. Our big advantage is that you can combine several services - haircut, coloring, eyelash lamination or manicure. We are very proud of our cosmetologists and masseurs - they have golden hands and bright heads. We will be glad to every guest who comes to us.
Marina Nepomnyashchaya, lead stylist

Spa treatments in the elite salon of Kiev

DIVA - an elite spa on the right bank of Kiev. Here is a chic program of a variety of procedures for the whole body. A visit to the premium Diva Spa will leave a pleasant impression and give relaxation to the body.

What can Diva Spa offer?

The range includes comprehensive elite SPA programs and individual treatment options. The list of spa services includes spa body treatments:
  • hair;
  • face;
  • feet;
  • whole body.
Also elite spa services in the diva spa center in Kiev, may include aromatherapy, figure correction, massages, peels, etc. The price of spa services depends on the purpose, problem, number of diva spa treatments, cosmetics used. How to choose a good spa in Kiev, so as not to fall into the hands of amateurs?
  1. Explore sites with reviews. These should be third-party resources, as many salons remove negative customer reviews.
  2. Be sure to specify the name of the company and the composition of cosmetics. Employees of really good salons will provide comprehensive information, because the reputation of the complex depends on it.
  3. View a list of spa treatments in Kiev and the availability of gift certificates.
Beauty salon SPA in Kiev Diva can guarantee the quality of its services, so it is trusted by customers.

What problems do SPA-procedures help to solve?

SPA-diva hair treatments are aimed at healing, improving elasticity, giving a natural shine. Having resorted to a technique of mineralization it is possible to condense, to return force by the bleached repeated coloring of locks. Cleansing and care of the scalp allows you to increase the intensity of hair growth. Every woman needs diva spa treatments for the face. This is a good step in the fight against wrinkles. If in other salons the approach to face care is not always qualitative, then in the Diva spa center, exclusively professional SPA cosmetics are used. The range includes a huge selection of scrubs, peels, masks based on natural vitamin complexes. Depending on the type of problem, a hardware massage may be offered to help tighten the skin and restore its tone without injections. Hands also need spa treatment. In addition to manicures, every woman can pamper their hands with baths with aromatic oils in the Diva spa, rejuvenating masks. There is also a spa paraffin treatment service, which has a beneficial effect on the skin. Foot spa treatments are not just about improving the appearance of your body. There are different options for spa services Diva salon, which can reduce puffiness and reduce the manifestations of varicose veins in the early stages. The following can be used for body care:
  • peels with salts and algae;
  • wraps and massage;
  • relaxing baths;
  • lymphatic drainage massage.
Such spa services from the Diva center allow you to remove inflammation, cellulite, improve metabolism, relax the whole body and even reduce stretch marks. The spa complex in Kiev offers a variety of massages. The consultation is carried out in advance and the necessary spa procedure is determined. With the help of massage you can solve some health problems and relax.

Advantages of visiting the DIVA SPA center

The spa complex of procedures from the DIVA center not in vain receives good responses of clients. It offers the best in the field of spa treatments. Among the advantages of the DIVA beauty salon it is worth noting:
  • certified specialists;
  • use of high-quality modern equipment;
  • use of professional hypoallergenic cosmetics; a wide range of services;
  • the ability to combine the best services into complexes, rather than doing each separately in different centers;
  • attractive prices;
  • observance of sanitary norms.
Comprehensive spa programs or individual spa services can be ordered online by visiting the diva spa website. Here you can leave your feedback about spa treatments and staff work. Spa Center Diva is the best in Kiev, because it employs qualified professionals with extensive experience. Every trip to the salon is a fairy tale. I want to come back here again and again. Address of the Diva spa center: Kyiv, Ul. B. Khmelnitsky, Opera Hotel, 1st floor. You can contact the administration by writing an e-mail or by phone.


+38 (066) 000 11 34 Kyiv, 53, B. Khmelnytskogo Str.
Opera Hotel, 1st floor

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