Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great solution for busy ladies, those who are physically active, and those who always want to look stunning. Eyelash extensions are waterproof, they do not require masking, and all the parameters are determined by the client. You can choose the length, thickness, degree of curl and even the volume of lashes.

How much does it cost to build up eyelashes?

Price for eyelash extensions in the salon Diva 2000 USD

Eyelash extensions - a procedure that becomes more and more popular every year. We decide to do it not only on special occasions when we want to look spectacular. But also to save time for everyday makeup (permanent makeup is another way to do it). Professionally extensions and thickened lashes look so expressive that no mascara is needed. The look is emphasized almost effortlessly. At the same time, the eyes are not burdened by makeup. It also means no more straining to remove makeup. No more allergies from inappropriate products. Find out how much professional eyelash extensions cost. How long does the effect last? What does the price of eyelash extensions depend on?

Eyelash extension - 1 Фото
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Eyelash extensions at the beautician - what does it mean? How long does the effect last?

The procedure of permanent eyelash extensions consists in thickening the eyelash line with natural or synthetic hairs of a chosen length and color. The effect can be subtle and natural or more "theatrical". In addition, it is possible to supplement both upper and lower lashes. The glued hairs last about 6 weeks. They fall out according to the biological growth rhythm of the natural lashes. As a result, the lash line gradually and evenly thinning on both eyes. In order to maintain constant lash length, it is recommended to renew the lashes every 4 weeks. The procedure can be repeated many times. Even over many years without damaging the lashes, as long as it is done professionally. An improperly performed procedure can weaken the lashes and even cause them to lose their lashes permanently. Properly glued hairs (on medium length and non-growing lashes) do not put a strain on natural lashes.

Methods of Eyelash Extensions

There are many methods of eyelash extensions, and cosmetic companies, wanting to stand out in the market, compete with each other in new methods, giving their customers a wide range of products to choose from. The most popular volume methods range from 1:1 to even 8:1, the name refers to how many artificial eyelashes will be glued to one of your own hair.

The most natural effect is achieved with the 1:1 method, where one false eyelash is glued to one natural eyelash. For more volume, the false lashes are glued to one of your own lashes. However, the most volume is for those who can boast their own strong hair, because the more artificial lashes we glue on, the more we burden the natural ones. An interesting effect is given by methods that use eyelashes of different lengths, making them most similar to the natural ones.

Eyelash extensions - contraindications

Allergy sufferers should be the most cautious, because the products used for eyelash extensions can cause irritation. However, this does not mean that the eyelash extensions procedure is not suitable for you - there are hypoallergenic products for eyelash extensions on the market - both the eyelashes and the glue.

Therefore, if you have sensitive skin and you are prone to allergies, be sure to tell your stylist, so he could check before the procedure, if this or that product does not cause you an allergic reaction. Any eye disease, such as conjunctivitis, of course, is also a contraindication to the treatment. It is very important to treat the infection in advance, so as not to increase the risk of complications as a result of eyelash extensions on the sore eye.

With us you can to order and pick up procedure Eyelash Extensions from the actual cost from 400 to 4000 UAH. Update beauty, relieve fatigue draw a charge positive energy in Kiev. Dial by phone +38 (066) 000 11 34 and reserve Spa-session Eyelash Extensions, qualified approach will help to reinforce physiological harmony, restore personality renewal, balance unity of the soul and transformation body in Spa beauty center diva in Kiev. Our employee choose you wonderful service Eyelash Extensions, which to be executed on masterful levels at a reasonable price. Leave a request on session in the Spa-center.

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  • Frequently asked questions about Eyelash Extensions

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